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H8_Seed is an American electronic musician from Tennessee. He has become well known, mixing digitalized vocals with modern electro-style production. After a scare in January where he was attacked by a mugger with a knife, the community rallied around him and he recovered with a streak of well-loved tracks. He has since left the pony music scene, rumored due to getting too much attention. 
H8 seed front angle animation rig by abluskittle-d5c4w2p


  • Mythoozology (2012)


  • ===Shoot The Messenger (2011) ===
Describes Spike's theorized jealousy for Twilight and his mission to off her. 
Shoot the Messenger-003:09

Shoot the Messenger-0

  • ===Heartstrings (2011)===

A love song based around Lyra Heartstrings.



Neverending Strife (2012)

Shows Discord's reign of chaos from the dragonequus's point of view. Is one of H8_Seed's more popular songs. 
Neverending Strife03:58

Neverending Strife

Too Many Heads

Collaboration with General Mumble . It centers around a battle with a destructive hydra. 
Too Many Heads (with General Mumble)04:15

Too Many Heads (with General Mumble)

  • ===Daring Mare (2012)===

Exploits Daring Do's feats, and H8's instantly found love for her. 

Daring Mare-003:32

Daring Mare-0

  • ===Lung Buster (2012) (Party of Balloon Party) ===
Was whipped up quickly for Balloon Party
Lung Buster; or The "Yay" That Never Came03:21

Lung Buster; or The "Yay" That Never Came

  • The Pickup (2012)

  • ===Awoken===
  • A song collaborating with WoodenToaster. It spotlights H8's OC (and is the only time we've seen the OC full-body and animated) and his mission to escape the Rainbow Factory. He eventually suceeds and returns to society. Although this song is on WoodenToaster 's channel, although he only does backup. 
Awoken H8 Seed WoodenToaster04:43

Awoken H8 Seed WoodenToaster

Spiteful Sprites

A song for the parasprites from "Swarm of the Century". Collaboration with Icky
Spiteful Sprites feat03:41

Spiteful Sprites feat. Icky-0


Depicts a "race for your life" against a Manticore. 


Mash & Slash with Dash

H8 Seed - Mash & Slash with Dash03:57

H8 Seed - Mash & Slash with Dash


Rainbow Factory

Remixes Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster. 

Rainbow Factory (H8 Seed Remix)04:19

Rainbow Factory (H8 Seed Remix)

  • ===That Same Old Song===

​A remix of the famous Stars Wars score. 

That Same Old Song03:33

That Same Old Song

Dire Dire Docks

Remixes "Dire Dire Docks" from Super Mario Bros. 64. 
Dire Dire Docks (H8 Seed Remix)06:34

Dire Dire Docks (H8 Seed Remix)

H8_Seed Befriends Jackle App

A cover of Jackleapp's "Autumn".
H8 Seed - H8 Seed befriends Jackle App - Autumn (Talkbox cover)02:40

H8 Seed - H8 Seed befriends Jackle App - Autumn (Talkbox cover)

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