Glitchhog is an Australian-based brony musician specializing in electronic dance music and house. His early works consisted of jazz piano pieces, before making the transition to EDM in late 2012 and assuming the monikker '>Strobe<' for his non-pony works. Glitchhog has worked on a variety of brony music blogs over the initial part of his career. He has performed at PonyCon AU '13 and has been involved with numerous artists from the fandom, including Silva Hound, Forest Rain, Feather, Koroshi-Ya and more.

Musical Style & Influences Glitchhog draws influences mainly from Progressive House artists such as Deadmau5, Zedd and Madeon, as well as progressive metal/rock artists, namely Between The Buried & Me, Beardfish, Dream Theater and Devin Townsend. His style is reminiscent of Deadmau5 and Zedd, with hints of Madeon and Swedish House Mafia, with unconventional song structures and lyrics which generally serve to tell a narrative.

This Distance Feat05:18

This Distance Feat. Forest Rain & Feather

Feud With StrobePony

An unofficial 'fued' with the brony musician, StrobePony, was fabricated after Glitchhog assumed his new 'Strobe' monikker. Many believed StrobePony to have been infuriated over the name choice, when in reality, the two had spoken about the issue and had agreed that 'Strobe' was to be used only for non-pony releases, while 'Glitchhog' remained the name used for pony-related tracks. No further issues have been raised.


Glitchhog's favourite pony is Pinkie Pie. He also has a passion for cars and car modification.

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