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Mean ol' Gilda
Kind Griffon
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack (Turnabout Storm)
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Gilda is an antagonistic character and former friend of Rainbow Dash. Although she's in a similar class to The Great and Powerful Trixie (i.e. mean and petty but not outright evil), she is not as easily forgiven as the boastful magician. Some fans will explain this apparent bias as simply being due to Gilda making Fluttershy cry, but more logical explanations point out that Gilda is an all-around bully who feels superior to most ponies on principle and broke her friendship with Rainbow Dash when the Pegasus stood up for herself and her friends.

In the season 5 episode The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, she and Rainbow Dash met again and finally reconciled, with some help from Pinkie Pie. The same episode revealed her day job as a baker (which Pinkie helped her get better at).

Depiction in fan works

Although not as commonly used as Trixie, Gilda has her share of fan fictions and comics that either redeem and reconcile her with Rainbow[1] or show the two in flight school or Junior Speedsters prior to the events of the show. One such comic is Dash Academy. In a few instances, Gilda is shown to have a secret crush on Rainbow Dash.

On at least one occasion, Gilda is shown to be the author behind the "Daring Do" series of books,[2] which Rainbow Dash is greatly obsessed with. Basing the main character Daring Do off of Rainbow Dash is meant to show how much Gilda still misses Dash.

Gilda, by virtue of being the only griffon to appear prominently on the show prior to season 5, is often used as a model for griffon society in general. In some works, she is the queen of griffons.[3][4]


Most of the time, Gilda is shipped with Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy.[specify]

Some times she will be related to Gustave le Grand one way or another. In some fan works, he is depicted as Gilda's uncle.[specify] In other fan works, Gilda and Gustave are depicted as a romantic couple.[5]

Gilda is sometimes shipped with another griffon character named Greta.[6]


Gilda by S-J-Art

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