Ghelded Kultz
Ghelded kultz
Other names Matt "Metronome" Clipclop (composer)
Soft D. String DeHooves (vocalist)
Known as Music group
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Ghelded Kultz is an experimental brony music group consisting of composer Matt "Metronome" Clipclop and vocalist Soft D. String DeHooves. While the group is not well known, they have gained some notoriety in the musician community for their Toast Beard contributions which range from blatant trolling to more sincere pieces that some find to possess an outsider-music charm. The group is known for their lo-fi, often noisy songs, their anarcho-punk inspired spirit, and their unusual sense of humor.

Ghelded Kultz has several projects and reoccurring traits. Musically, Ghelded Kultz attempts a wide range of genres, but the genres are warped from their original state as they morphed to fit the Ghelded Kultz mold. The vocals in Ghelded Kultz vary drastically, ranging from completely raw vocals that are only manipulated through techniques like singing and screaming to heavily distorted or auto-tuned ones. Lyrical dissonance is common. Show samples are also sometimes included.

Irony is probably the largest reoccurring theme for the group. Their current main project is creating anti-themes for the mane 6. These anti-themes start with an intro in a genre stereotypically associated with the target pony before moving into a piece which is musically designed to be as antithetical as possible. They also create ponified versions of non-pony related songs.

Bouncing Baby Bunnies

Bouncing Baby Bunnies
Creator(s) Ghelded Kultz
Vocals Soft D. String DeHooves
Instruments Matt Metronome Clipclop
Published September 29, 2012
Duration 1:01
Type/genre Grindcore
Bouncing Baby Bunnies is the most well known song by Ghelded Kultz. The song is notable for being the first song featured by the short lived "Rejected by Equestria Daily" tumblr which was run by prelisteners. The song is a grindcore piece influenced by comedic noisegrind acts such as AC. It consists of a soft saxophone intro before it abruptly breaks into blast beats and overly distorted guitars. While the riffs being played in the grindcore section frequently change, the texture stays consistant, giving it a very noisy sound, expecially when combined with the poor mixing. Lyrically the song is about Fluttershy expressing her desire to care for orphaned bunnies and delivered in pairs of lines, each pair being screamed in a different manner. The lines "I will be their mother, I will be there doctor" are duplicated so it appears three times.

Other compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
Apr 30, 2012 Holiday in Equestria 3:46 Hardcore Punk/Parody Parody of "Holiday in Cambodia"
May 25, 2012 Party On Pinkie Pie 4:38 Drone Metal
Oct 2, 2012 Cantar Belle 3:13 Breakbeat
Oct 15, 2012 Buckin' Apples 3:29 Industrial/Noise
Oct 30, 2012 The Nightmare Moon 4:57 Black Metal/Parody

Parody of "The Freezing Moon"

Dec 11, 2012 Mad Pony Disease 4:59 Noise Pop/Expirimental Rock Created for Toastbeard ER305
Jan 25, 2013 Avast Shatner's Ass 1:31 Shatnercore Cover of "Avast Fluttershy's Ass", music by DeHooves
Mar 12, 2013 The Wonder Bolts 5:06 EDM
May 13, 2013 My Little Valentine 4:56 Shoegaze
May 15, 2013 We Could Have Been So Much 8:00 Noise Rock Cover of a song by Jeff Burgess, vocals by "Matt"
Jan 14, 2014 drocsid 4:00 Avant-garde Attempt for Miscellanea Equestria, music by DeHooves
Jan 21, 2014 Granny Smith's Day Dream 1:17 Post Rock Music by Dehooves

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