Other names Aloy Trinidad
Known as Voice actor
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GenesisDrago is a freelance multi-tasker, artist, singer, wannabe voice actor, and gamer, and he is a Filipino-American like Vannamelon.


Voice acting

He Voices Demoman, Sniper, and Soldier from Team Fortress 2, but he will voice some other classes and also MLP characters in he future.

Video editing

He does Video Editing for his videos and doing Intro/Outro Animating with Sony Vegas.

Singing/sound editing

He does singing, but he will get to upload his 1st cover in the future, and he does Audio editing only for his channel.


He is a professional with Adobe Photoshop and he made the 1st ever art that has 130+ favorites called "Team Fortress 2: Analysis Anarchy Wallpaper".

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