Mlp fim children of the night gari by brunty99-d6gxnq9

Gari, one of Luna's children of the night
Created by Trish Forstner
First appearance Children of the Night
Species/kind Unicorn
Gender Female
More info
Residence A secret colony established by Princess Luna (formerly a Canterlot orphanage)
Eyes Dark harlequin
Mane Moderate gamboge
Coat ¤ Grayish gamboge with moderate orange ears, snout and hooves
Cutie mark
None (in Children of the Night)
Three chocolate chip cookies (in most fanart)
Voice Sarah Williams (Children of the Night)
Eunice Url (The Ponies' Big Adventure)[citation needed]

Gari is a unicorn filly who first appears in the fan-made animation Children of the Night, serving as one of its central characters as well as its narrator.


Gari was originally a cougar OC named Cougari. When first envisioned as a G4 pony, the creator of the character, Trish Forstner, made her an alicorn, but she was made into a unicorn for Children of the Night.


In the story established by Children of the Night, Gari lived during the first years of Princess Luna's banishment to the moon. She grew up in a Canterlot orphanage, though whether she was orphaned prior to, during, or following the defeat of Discord is unclear. When Gari lights the candle, she is shown to be wearing a black cloak.

After the reign of Discord left Equestria in a state of decline, Princess Luna proposed to her sister Celestia that a new colony be formed away from Canterlot. When Celestia denied this proposal, Luna took matters into her own hooves. She cast a spell on everyone in the castle, causing them to fall asleep, and led dozens of orphaned foals, including Gari, away from Canterlot to help form her new colony.

It is assumed that Celestia had banished Luna to the moon for her actions some time later, but Luna's colony still thrives, and Gari and the other ponies that Luna led away from Canterlot that night still live in secret, remembering Luna fondly as their "dear mother" and calling themselves her "children of the night". As Gari says these words, she takes off her hood and blows out the candle.

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