Friendship is Epic
Friendship is Epic logo large
The game's official logo
Creator(s) Helements
Programming Helements
Lin Jensen
Art Helements
Shusho Coma
Koyoi Mitsuki
Music Jyc Row
Date published Not released
Type of game 3D action side-scroller
Platform/engine PC

Friendship is Epic is an upcoming fan-made video game based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, developed by Helements and several members of the Japanese brony community. It is a 3D side-scrolling action game with online co-op multiplayer functionality.


The game is being developed for Windows devices (with compatibility for Mac devices to be added later) using the Unity 3D game engine. It is being specifically designed to be played with the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, but it is also compatible with a mouse and keyboard.[1]

As of the game's prototype build, only Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are playable, but Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are expected to be implemented by the beta build.


Friendship is Epic gameplay screenshot 1
Friendship is Epic is a 3D side-scrolling action game; players traverse stages of various landscapes (usually from left to right) defeating numerous enemies along the way before confronting the boss at the end. It supports up to three-player co-op in online multiplayer mode. Five levels of game difficulty are expected to be implemented: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Chaos.[2]

Each playable character has their own play styles that cater to the character's personality and abilities, such as Twilight's teleportation and Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom.


The game does not feature a story mode,[1] but minor narrative elements are given in the game's prologue:[3]

Princess Celestia writes to her student Twilight Sparkle and informs her that Queen Chrysalis has discovered a portal into an alternate dimension and is organizing a mass invasion. Fearing villains from other dimensions may find a way to invade theirs, Celestia and Luna are using their magic to prevent other portals from opening while Twilight and her friends stop Chrysalis' invasion. They may even receive assistance from their other-dimensional counterparts.



  • Adoxographist - Twilight Sparkle
  • Grace Finley - Queen Chrysalis
  • Warriorcatcloudtail5 - Rainbow Dash
  • Wubcake - Applejack



The MLP Game - Second Development Vid02:36

The MLP Game - Second Development Vid

Development video
Friendship is Epic - Gameplay Trailer03:43

Friendship is Epic - Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay trailer
Friendship is Epic - Title Screen and Visual Lobby03:01

Friendship is Epic - Title Screen and Visual Lobby

Title screen and visual lobby
TEASER Friendship is Epic - Playable Character Trailer01:01

TEASER Friendship is Epic - Playable Character Trailer

Character trailer

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