Four on the Floor is a compilation album of house music by members of the forum My Little Remix. The album features a one hour mix as the first track in addition to individual tracks afterwards. They also currently creating a second volume due to the popularity of making the first album.

Four on the Floor (Vol. 1)

Four on the Floor Vol. 1
A3932999263 10
Compilation Album
Released January 31, 2013
Length 121:38
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Full Album Mix" 58:47
2. "Exile" Sonic Breakbeat 4:43
3. "Cloud Swimming" 4thImpulse 6:07
4. "Lights!" Bartekko 5:37
5. "The Power" baq5 6:45
6. "Out of Milk" Captain Ironhelm 4:37
7. "Across Thin Ice" Obrum 4:05
8. "The Usual Spa Treatment" MRPPony 4:12
9. "Underground Paradise" ArcaneSoul 8:07
10. "My First House" HMage 3:39
11. "Canis Majoris" Metapony 4:40
12. "Dance Floor Mover" UnderKeel 6:10
13. "Luna's Reversion (ft. Rosemary)" Matthew N. 6:09
Total length: 121:38

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