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Welcome to the Watercooler! This is a place for community discussion about this wiki. To add a new topic, type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Survey Request!07:48, August 19, 2014Hecate10125
Should we have a page dedicated to the various shippings in the fandom06:19, July 27, 2014Tycio
Chatroom Provisions13:25, February 19, 2014Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria
Forum about chat moderators22:44, September 29, 2013Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria
New videos for MLP Wiki16:29, July 24, 2013Sarah Manley
Guidelines07:31, May 24, 2013SweetieBot
Off-topic blog comments 2012-08-11 (profanity policy backlash)20:21, August 13, 2012DMSwordsmaster
Reconsidering terms of use enforcement04:05, August 7, 2012Tulipclaymore
Bullet point article formatting06:30, August 6, 2012Abcron
Some page length suggestions08:09, July 12, 2012Jonny Manz
Badge Customization02:37, July 6, 2012Tayzer
How is Bueno Dash inappropriate?02:07, May 27, 2012Lightsaber Guy
I still can't view new comments01:39, May 27, 2012Jonny Manz
Workshop00:14, April 28, 2012Jonny Manz
Standardising references02:14, April 19, 2012Jonny Manz
Fanfiction sites21:40, April 14, 2012Jonny Manz
Redesign suggestions04:11, April 5, 2012Jonny Manz
Featured articles23:16, April 3, 2012Jonny Manz
Operation Singing Telegram13:33, March 22, 2012Tulipclaymore
Page prototypes03:18, February 26, 2012Jonny Manz
Infoboxes21:21, October 26, 2011Tayzer
Welcome to the watercooler14:34, March 14, 2011Default

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