Never Forgiven cover image from the series. Book three.

The Frgotten But Not Forgiven Fan Fic series was written by DragonassasslnG or DragonassasslnGR depending on what website you visit. The series is Grim Dark, Sad, Tragedy, Adventure, and Alternate Universe. It can be found on its new home on, its former home on and It is still being published on Fan and Noveljoy, but it is being written on Fimfiction. Fan it a communication site of DragonassasslnGR and Novel joy is a way for him to try to improve his writing.

Story's quick discretion

The forgotten But Not Forgiven Fan Fic series is a three book set at the moment. Book one followed the events of Cassius Nightshade also known as the Nocturnal Guardian and what became know as The Dark Libra incident.

Book two if a short story called The Runner. This book falls in between Dark Libra and Never Forgiven. It follows a pegasus solder named Haven that was pronounced dead with his best friend Spring Bash in Dark Libra. It give a quick description of his life and leads in to mere hours before the first chapter of Never Forgiven.

Never Forgiven is the current installment to the set. It was set up to use fan OC's as characters. It has a mess of OC's that have influenced and altered it from its original form but in a positive way. This story is incomplete at the moment, but it is taking place at the final days of the Guardians Of The Balance's influence on Equestria and the possible inslavement of all pony kind.

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