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Flash Sentry
Flash sentry aka brad aka dreamy cutebottom by masemj-d6821bt
Pony version of Flash Sentry
Other names Brad
Dreamy Cutebottom
Waifu Stealer
Kind Pegasus
Human (Equestria Girls)
Sex Male
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Flash Sentry is a character from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. He is a member of the Royal Guard.

Depiction in fan labor

Flash is most commonly portrayed as a potential love interest for Twilight Sparkle. Before his official name was revealed, he was given the nickname "Brad". In the human world, he plays the guitar and is in a band, while in Equestria he is a royal guard.

When initially introduced, Flash was not widely accepted by the majority of the brony fanbase who viewed him as a generic love interest character without any remarkable personality traits of his own. This led to the creation of a meme labeling Flash as a "Waifu Stealer" in several humor oriented fan works suggesting that the dislike for Flash was based more on jealousy than impartial criticism. Flash Sentry's reappearance in Three's A Crowd provoked a somewhat significant outburst of negativity.


Shipping-wise, Flash is most commonly shipped with Twilight due to the fact the she has a crush on his human counterpart. This shipping is called Flashlight. He is also sometimes shipped with Sunset Shimmer, his ex-girlfriend. In terms of homosexual shipping, he has also been shipped with Shining Armor in a few instances.

A handful of stories have portrayed Flash as Scootaloo's older brother. [1][2][3]


Flash sentry in his armour by hampshireukbrony-d6axfsc

Flash Sentry image gallery


MLP: Flash Sentry x Twilight by bentomilk

Sweet dreams by Dr-J33


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