FiM Music
Founder Freewave
Date founded November 2013
Type of site Blogging

FiM Music is a site created by Freewave and a large group of brony musicians, and designed to work as a music site and blog. It is designed to be a site for brony music news, reviews, interviews, and other regular features. It is also run as a companion site for My Little Remix and the Brony Musician Directory. It has jokingly been referred as "Pitchfork for Ponies" and it features a deeper music focus and regular features to indicate that type of a style for the site.


The idea of the site was created on my Little Remix after a series of conversations about the downward trajectory of the once thriving music scene. It was thought of as a way to get to know up-and-coming musicians, highlight music that was undervalued and undiscovered, and broadcast event albums and conversations that were being done on MLR. It was designed as a way for musicians to feel they could recognize their peers, be used as a community blog, and signal boost small or independent events and projects. Its use of tumblr's social advantages, tagging, and regular features gave it a style that was a bit different then other other blogs (that were not solely music-focused). It quickly sported a variety of active and inactive staff members and also encourages guest opinions and reblogs. It was designed to blog developments on the My Little Remix forum and for a deeper musical news not seen on the Brony Musician Directory.


FiMM has conducted several interviews via Skype, which were later made into YouTube videos. These have included Evdog, 4everfreebrony, and Jeff Burgess during the first three installments. These are planned to be an ongoing weekly feature of the site. These were modeled to be extensions of the Brony Musician Directory's initial two interviews (with Eurobeat Brony and Stars in Autumn) and feature the same template and design. 


Initial criticism on My Little Remix became quite vocal during its setup phase. Some argued that brony music was a fad that was naturally dying out; others pointed to a lack of a clear concept of the site and finally to the very narrow musical audience (musicians and those who embrace the current wave of brony music) that would be needed to pursue such a site. The site did officially open in early December despite many concerns being raised and with some changes in scope implemented. It remains unclear how large the site will grow, if it will be sustainable, and if it will be embraced by the music community.

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