Faux Snyder
Other names Prism Ripple
Known as Musician
Voice actress
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Faux Snyder is a female musician and voice actress. Many of her songs are "ponified" parodies of popular non-pony related songs. She often makes covers of other popular songs within the brony fandom. Her favorite pony is Princess Luna.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
On a Cross and Arrow
(Chapter 7-Epilogue)
Applejack Indubitably Ponified
2013-06-30 Doctor Whooves and Assistant
Outpost on the Fringe
Extra voices BaldDumboRat
2013-07-04 Yours Truly Rainbow Dash Indubitably Ponified
2013-12-24 Doctor Whooves and Assistant
Extra voices BaldDumboRat
2014-03-27 Slender (900 sub special) Applejack Indubitably Ponified

Luna's Soliloquy

Luna's Soliloquy
Creator(s) Faux Snyder
Published October 9, 2012
Duration 7:00
Related to "Lullaby for a Princess" by ponyphonic
Luna's Soliloquy is a cover of ponyphonic's "Lullaby for a Princess". The lyrics are changed so that instead of being about Princess Celestia's reaction to Nightmare Moon's banishment, the song is instead about Nightmare Moon's reaction to be banished. However, the lyrics do parallel those of the original song. "Luna's Soliloquy" is played to a different harmony and pitch from "Lullaby for a Princess" and is given a different ending in order to have a darker tone. The lyrics were written by Faux Snyder with the help of a few friends and she also created the artwork used in the video. The song was spotlighted on Equestria Daily.[1]

Original Pitch Version

Luna's Soliloquy-Original Pitch
Creator(s) Faux Snyder
Published October 14, 2012
Duration 6:48
Related to "Lullaby for a Princess" by ponyphonic
Released five days after the original version, Luna's Soliloquy-Original Pitch left the pitch and speed of "Lullaby for a Princess" intact. It therefore has a much lighter tone and is meant to be a version told purely by Luna rather than Nightmare Moon. Being at a range much closer to Faux Snyder's vocal range, the song was easier for her to sing. It is the most viewed video on her channel. A high quality download mastered by Silvaqua is in the video description. A few mashup duets using "Lullaby for a Princess" and this rendition of "Luna's Soliloquy have been uploaded. One example, by MaskedVidiot, was Music of the Day on EQD.[2][3]

Other compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-10-19 Luna's Serenade 3:39 Parody Also known as "Hey Big Sister"
2012-11-17 The Lazy Luna Song 3:55 Collab with MEMJ
2013-06-24 Doctor of Mine 3:44 Parody Parody of "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond
2013-09-13 True Rarity 2:44 Parody Parody of "Clarity" by Zedd
Mixed by Jastrian
2013-09-14 The Lunar Boon 8:16 Collab with AgileDash
2013-10-22 Don't Wanna Be Royal 3:12 Parody Parody of "Royals" by Lorde
Mixed by Jastrian


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