Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants
Other names Fancypants
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Fancy Pants is a high-class unicorn who resides in Canterlot and appears in Sweet and Elite. He is described in the show as the most important pony in Canterlot and is frequently surrounded by other nobles.


Fancy Pants is generally seen as an important, but somewhat nice and pleasant character. He is widely seen as more nice and respectful than the other Canterlot nobles such as Prince Blueblood and Jet Set and Upper Crust due to his interactions with Rarity in the episode Sweet and Elite, where he is the only pony at the party seemingly unaffected by the interruption by Rarity's friends. Fans also sees him as very cultural, hosting social gatherings and attending to operas and art galleries. Lastly, he is often interpreted as the one everypony tries to imitate after, as the other nobles in the show tend to change their beliefs to match his. 


Fancy Pants is usually seen together with the unicorn mare Fleur de Lis and is mainly shipped together with her. Their relationship tend to vary due to the unclearness of their relationship in the episode. Some believe that due to Fleur's clingy movements to Fancy Pants and super-model look she is more or less simply drawn to Fancy Pants' fame and wealth, while others see her as a caring marefriend or protégé.

Fancy Pants is also sometimes shipped together with Rarity.

A few stories have expanded on Fancy Pants' family, portraying him as a caring older brother. In one such story, Fleur is his sister.[1] In another, the human counterparts of he and Coco Pommel are siblings.[2]



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