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Title Creator(s) Type of game Status Notes
1000 Years Ago futzi01 2-D 3rd Person Shooter Complete
Ashes of Equestria Overmare Studios 3D RPG Incomplete Unity

(Windows, Mac?)

Banned From Equestria (Daily) Pokehidden Point-and-click Adventure Beta "Adult" game
BlueCookieTouch Caves RPG BlueCookieTouch RPG Complete
Cadence Toss futzi01 2-D Sidescroller Complete
Canterlot Defender futzi01 Castle defense Complete
Canterlot Siege futzi01 Tower defense Complete
Cupcakes 4: New ZAT Era JFK Studios® & Tween Animations First-Person Shooter, Horror Incomplete Unity (Windows & Mac)
Dash/Pegadrome futzi01 2-D Obstacle Course Racer Complete
Dreamy Rainbow Yukitoshii (Pokegamer2011) Platformer, Horror Complete YoYo Game
Equestria Online MMORPG Discontinued Now Legends of Equestria

Equestria Tales

RPG Unfinished
Fallout: Equestria RPG Plaristote Isometric RPG TBA (currently in pre-alpha) Multiplatform
Fighting is Magic Mane6 Fighting Canceled Windows
Five Nights at Pinkie's Eidenz Point-and-click, horror Complete Windows only
FoE game empalu 2-D Side-scroller, platformer Alpha Flash and Windows
Friendship is Epic Helements 3D action side-scroller In-progress Windows
GO FAST Mixermike622 & Darksaber64x Casual Complete Flash
Iron Pony Challenge Jinroh Sports Minigame Compliation Complete Flash
Legends of Equestria Independent Developers MMORPG Pre-Alpha Was Equestria Online
Luna Game Anonymous Platformer, Creepypasta Complete YoYo Game
Mega Pony KhaoMortadios Action, Platformer Complete
Minty Fresh Adventure Marcusmaximus Platformer Beta Flash
My Little Cannon Mihasik Casual Complete Flash
My Little Hang Glider Mihasik Casual Complete Flash
My Little Investigations Equestrian Dreamers Adventure/Mystery Complete/in-progress Windows, Mac, and Linux
My Little Pony: Ace Attorney - School Yard Trials Thesonicx666 Visual Novel Incomplete Flash
My Little Pony - Ace Attorney: Trials in Equestria Thesonicx666 Visual Novel Incomplete Flash
My Little Pony: Magic Shards Darkera Studios Platformer Complete Windows only
My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions Darkera Studios
Project Awakening
Platformer Demo Windows only
My Little Pony: Rise of Vicis Negation Squared Productions 2-D Adventure/Platforming Unfinished Windows
Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare futzi01 2-D 3rd Person Shooter Complete
MLP FiM: The Lost Kingdom Super Writer RPG Unfinished
Pinkie Jump
Pinkie Jump (2011)
futzi01 (PJ)
CertaintyPrinciple (PJ2011)
2-D 3rd Person Platformer Complete
PonyKart Hoppip Racing In-Progress
Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries Gentlecolts Visual Novel In-Progress Windows
Pony Space Mixermike622 Shooter Beta
Pony Tactics: Salvation Pony Tactics Tactics Style RPG Pre-Alpha Unity (Windows and Mac)
Pony Tales: Aspirations of Harmony Staric d20 Tabletop RPG Unfinished
Rainbow Cloud Attack Casual Complete Android-only
Sonic X: Adventures in Equestria Thesonicx666 RPG Early Alpha RPG Maker VX ACE
Spike Toss futzi01 Trajectory Complete
Story of the Blanks Donitz RPG Complete Flash
Super Filly Adventure Jay6 RPG Complete
Super Lesbian Horse RPG Ponett JRPG Complete RPG Maker VX Ace
Super Smash Ponies SmashPoniesDev 2D Fighting Incomplete
TrotMania Lirodon Rhythm / Dancing Complete/in-progress Windows, Mac, Linux
Twilight: Escape from Stalliongrad AdamMasterArt 3D First Person Shooter Complete Wolf3D Engine
Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ride futzi01 Infinite Obstacle Course Survival Complete
War of Harmony IV Marshal Ruffy RPG Complete PC Windows (RMVXA)

List of pages for game creators

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Creator Primarily known as... Notes
Donitz Programmer
futzi01 Programmer also animator

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