Fallout: Equestria

Creator(s) Overmare Studios
Programming Unity 3D
Music Wasteland Wailers
Date published Pre-Alpha (currently)
Type of game Role Playing
Platform/engine PC
Featuring Littlepip and Velvet Remedy
Based on Fallout: Equestria (fan fiction)
Show connection Characters

Fallout: Equestria is a 3D game adaptation of the fan fiction of the same name. The game is an RPG being created by Overmare Studios and is currently in Pre-Alpha.


Fallout: Equestria's goal is to find Velvet Remedy, who escaped from Stable 02.


Fallout: Equestria is currently in Pre-Alpha. The game is being built on the Unity 3D engine.


The player picks up objects using their unicorn magic, can check their Pipbuck for information and inventory, switch views, and can interact with objects or ponies.


The game (so far revealed) starts with Littlepip waking up. She then talks to her mother, Crab Apple, who says that she is suffering from a hangover and is out of anti-hangover-booze, then asking Littlepip to get some for her. Littlepip then gets the option to get the hangover cure. If the player attempts to get the cure, they will have to talk to Brim Hopps. According to some dialogue, he has a dislike against unicorns and seems to get frustrated with "stupid questions". When being on a computer in a room, the player sees Velvet Remedy. Remedy asks Littlepip if she could replace the padding of Remedy's Pipbuck, and says that she can wait for the next day so her leg can rest and allow the ointment to sink in. The player later encounters Liberty Belle, who asks what is the thing. Upon answering that it is a Pipbuck, Littlepip gets asked whose is it. Liberty Belle replies with "I see.", and Littlepip attempts to apologize, with Belle saying "I'm sure you are. Get out of my sight." The next day, the player listens to a voice message explaining how to open the Stable door, which the override code is CMC3BFF. It is revealed that Velvet Remedy escaped the Stable, making a change in guard priority in an attempt to prevent others leaving. Littlepip lies to Billy Club about the Overmare sending her there, and uses it as a chance to escape. Using the code, the player manages to open the Stable door, and escapes.

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