Equestrian Revolution III is a third and final in a trilogy of albums of remix music made by Aviators. The other albums are Equestrian Revolution and Equestrian Revolution 2​.​0.


1. Daniel Ingram - Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win The Crown) (Aviators Remix) 04:30

2. ArtAttack and Metajoker - Still Shy (Aviators Remix) 06:03

3. Eurobeat Brony - Diamond Dogs (Aviators Remix) 04:10

4. d.notive - Let Your Mane Down (Aviators Remix) 05:18

5. Daniel Ingram - This Day Aria (Aviators Music Box Arrangement) 02:37

6. Lectro Dub - Fallen (Aviators Remix) 06:04

7. JeffTheStrider - No Strings Attached (Aviators Remix) 05:02

8. Princewhateverer - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings (Aviators Remix) 05:54

9. SimGretina and MEMJ - Dear Luna (Aviators Remix) 05:54

10. My Cadence (feat. Emily Matthews) [Matthew Mosier Cover] 05:46

11. Daniel Ingram - Equestria Girls (Aviators Remix) [Club Mix] 05:45

12. ArtAttack and Metajoker - Still Shy (Aviators Remix) [Club Mix] 07:16

13. Fallen (Aviators Remix) [Instrumental Mix] 06:04

14. Disaster (Bonus Track) 05:48

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