Equestrian Revolution 2.0 is the second in a trilogy of albums of remix music made by Aviators. The other albums are Equestrian Revolution and Equestrian Revolution III.


1. Daniel Ingram - I've Got To Find A Way (Aviators Remix) 05:43

2. Glaze - Rainbow Factory (Aviators Remix) 04:27

3. Eurobeat Brony - Discord (Aviators Remix) 03:45

4. PrinceWhateverer - The Fight Within (Aviators Remix) 05:05

5. Glaze and H8_Seed - Awoken (Aviators Remix) 04:27

6. Archie - Leto (Aviators Remix) 04:43

7. Glaze - Heartmender (Aviators Remix) 04:20

8. Elspongie - Helium (Aviators Remix) 05:28

9. Dasha and The Living Tombstone - Good Girl (Aviators Remix) 04:40

10. &I, Replacer, and Feather - Until The Sun (Aviators Remix) 04:51

11. Daniel Ingram - Crystal Fair (Aviators Remix) 04:25

12. EQR-2 (Live Mixtape) 22:00

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