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ElectroKaplosion is a male American musician. His music falls into a variety of ranges but is recorded using his electric piano and Logic Pro X.

Pinkie's Sugar Rush!

Pinkie's Sugar Rush! (Feat. ChiChi) {Original Song}
Creator(s) ElectroKaplosion
Vocals Chi-Chi
Published July 25, 2013
Duration 3:32
Pinkie's Sugar Rush! is a song written as the theme song for Wreck-It Ralph Meets My Little Pony by ToucanLDM. An abridged version of "Pinkie's Sugar Rush!" serves as the theme song for the aforementioned video.[1] The planning, composing, and producing of the song took four months. The song is sung by Chi-Chi, who as Pinkie Pie, sings about how she's loved candy since she was young. The song is the most viewed original work on ElectroKaplosion's channel with over 200,000 views as of July 20, 2014. The abridged version has been remixed and made into an animated video by Star Hedgehog.[2]

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-04-13 The Downfall of Harmony 4:32
2012-05-07 The Battle for Canterlot 5:50
2012-07-20 My Little Dashie Tribute 4:21 Inspired by My Little Dashie fanfic
2012-09-13 The Daring Thing To Do 4:02
2012-10-11 If I Go Back 4:43 Collab with Alioopster27
2012-10-24 Spitfire 3:23
2012-11-18 As Happy As You 3:31
2012-12-02 The Cutie Mark Crusader Conclusion 4:37
2013-03-15 Something Fantastic 4:30 Collab with Chi-Chi
2013-03-22 Snowdrop 4:37 Based off fan-animation, Snowdrop
2013-04-07 Derpy's Dream 4:45
2013-06-29 The Sun Rises 4:47 Collab with Forest Rain
2013-09-14 Three Brave Foals 3:31 Collab with AnnaLalaDreams


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  2. Star Hedgehog (2013-10-06). Pinkie's Sugar Rush! - Dance X Mixer HD 1.0. YouTube. Retrieved on 2014 April 16.

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