EStories Sign

by EStories

EStories  is a pseudonym for a pair of digital artists (male and female) who add their works to DeviantArt. Estories is a Premium member on DeviantArt. They create comics and vectors. Their profile includes links to an OC pony tumblr blog, contests, ask sites, links to his comics, gifs, stamps, and his journal. 


Find Yourself

Find Yourself Comic

by EStories

Find yourself is about an adult pegasus who doesn't have a cutie mark. She usually stays in her house on a moutain. She only leaves her house during the day if her supply is low, and hides herself under a black cloak. She flys freely at night. One night she found a door in Everfree, where she is transported into a discorded world where she meets Discord. Throughout the story she must learn to accept herself and to realize her destiny.

Seeds of Darkness

Sliverlay's Dress

by EStories

Seeds of Darkness is about an Umbra pony who meets Twilight and her friends. A Umbra pony is a pony created with a forbidden spell by the old ruler of Equestria. Umbra ponies suck the magic from ot

her ponies killing them in the process. She must decide either to do her duty or become friends with Twilight and not suck out her magic. 

Mix it Mixie

by EStories

Mix it Mixie

Mix it Mixie is about an once magic unicorn who for some reason had her magic taken from her by Celestia, and exiled to Everfree forest. She is often seen mixing portions up. This is a tumblr blog. 

-Don't Ask Siverlay

by EStories

Don't Ask Silverlay

Don't Ask Sliverlay is an ask blog on DeviantArt where users can ask questions about Silverlay. EStories choses the questions to aswer and aswers them with vectors of Silverlay, the main Umbra pony from Seeds of Darkness.

Ask Alice

Ask Alice

by EStories

Ask Alice is other ask blog on DeviantArt where users can aks questions 

about Alice, the pegasus without a cutie mark from Find Yourself. 


EStorie's Profile

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Don't Ask Silverlay Ask Blog

Ask Alice Ask Blog

Find Youself Comic Link

Mix it Mxie Tumblr Link

Seeds of Darkness Wiki

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