Dynamite Grizzly is a fandom musician. Since his debut in 2011, he has been involved in numerous fan-projects, such as Pinkamena Party and futzi01's flash games.

Bearbat Mute-Owl

Dynamite Grizzly with another fandom musician, OfficeBats. (Art by Mute-Owl)


Grizzly's style covers a wide variety of electronic styles ranging from French House and Jungle to Hip-Hop and Breakcore. On occasion he has also dipped into Rock and Orchestral. There is no real consistency to his music as he experiments constantly. However, he is a big fan of sampling, and songs without at least one sample are rare.

Other activities

Pinkamena Party

Dynamite Grizzly appeared on the first Pinkamena Party album, LET'S BUCK SHIT UP under the name "Bass Rabbit", a name he kept until around early-2013. Since then, he has been apart of every Pinkamena Party release, having done a total of sixteen songs across the nine albums.


In mid-2012, flash-game programmer, futzi01, asked Grizzly for his permission to use "Welcome To The Night" in his game, Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Mare. The song was so well-recieved, futzi requested original music from his for his next game, the first game in the acclaimed Canterlot Siege series. Since then, he has composed music for all of his games, with three exceptions.

Super Smash Ponies

Dynamite Grizzly composed nine songs for the upcoming Super Smash Ponies, but ultimately left the project for personal reasons. Despite this, the songs will remain in the game.

The Horses Want Techno

THWT is a "hard techno" album based off his favorite episodes of season four. It is composed mainly of high energy techno in the 145 BPM range and up (with a few exceptions like Know-It-All or Nothing, which is Dub Techno). It also features guest tracks by InklingBear and Ayane Fukumi

The Long Way Home

TLWH is seasonal concept album, much like the last one, this time based off the first half of season five. Each song is based on a particular character from or location visited in season five. "Yak Funk" is based on the yaks, "LITTLE MOON DEVIL" is based on the Tantibus, "G" is based on the griffons, "Perfect Pairs (AKA KISSASS)" is based on the characters featured in "Slice of Life", "INDUSTRIAL" is based on Rainbow Dash and Tank, and "moondisco" is based on Moondancer.


Other than pony music, he has gained interest in "We Bare Bears" and released an album about the show with InklingBear and CiiMassacre.

Selection of other songs






2012-06-02 Max Volume Required (PINKAMENA PARTY REMIX) 4:31 Hardcore Techno First Pinkamena Party entry
2012-07-15 Mass Production 4:01 Jungle First original song composed for futzi01
2013-08-08 KICKIN' CHICKEN 3:03 Speedcore Rainbow & Rooted/Rainblood & Vomit entry
2013-07-20 Emotion Eater 2:35 Ethno-Tech Off the Twilight Wing soundtrack
2013-09-21 Bring On The Bad Guys pt.2 3:15 Drum n' Bass Off the Canterlot Siege 2 soundtrack
2013-10-03 The Finished Spell 6:58 Psytrance No samples used (aside from a vocal clip of Twilight Sparkle)
2013-12-25 The Heart Carol (Breakcore Remix) 4:38 Breakcore Rainbow Dash Impales hisself On A Candy Cane entry
2014-03-08 Fashion Mare 3:33 House First character song since Wild West Dance
2014-04-01 Stop The Bats (FRUGICIDE MIX) 6:01 Hard Techno First remix of a song from the show
2014-05-03 Spellcasting 1:58 House Off the Equestria Games soundtrack
2014-07-10 The Sun & Stars Gospel 5:27 Orchestral Off the Canterlot Siege 3 soundtrack
2014-08-17 Tripping Ginger 6:57 Acid House Academy of Booty entry
2014-08-25 Fluttersky (Hard Nature Mix) 4:53 Hard Techno First remix of a song by another brony artist
2015-01-14 DAMMIT LARSON 4:04 Acid Techno Off The Horses Want Techno, remix of the MLP:FiM Theme Song
2015-06-27 Celestia Gets a Snail Trail his Banana Hammock 4:29 Gabber/Frenchcore Collaberation with HACKD
2015-06-27 Greater Dawn (ft. JFree) 5:16 Frenchcore PP3.5: No Morality entry, first use of "Tokyo Griffin Pussy" alias
2015-06-27 EVERFREE THUNDER (Poison Peyote Mix) 4:53 Speedcore PP3.5: No Morality entry
2015-07-06 Yak Funk 5:23 World House Off The Long Way Home
2015-09-12 TMS (Cave Chillin' Mix) 3:35 Hip-Hop First use of "D.G. URSALA" alias
2015-09-15 Work It Out 4:20 Jazz/Jungle Off the Canterlot Siege 4 soundtrack, first use of "The Showoffs" alias
2015-10-25 JACKSON 5000 (ft. JFree) 3:41 Future Funk First use of "ミス big bang bear" alias.
2015-10-31 say NIGHTMARE 6:19 Hard Techno No Morality on Mischief Night entry