Doctor Whooves and Assistant
Creator(s) Ponies with Pockets Productions (audio series)

ocarinaplaya (animation)

Date added September 20, 2011 (First full episode)

December 24, 2013 (Most recent airdate)

Status Ongoing
Voices BaldDumboRat, JestreDeRama, KeikoandGilly, PegasusBrill, and various others
Related to Doctor Whooves Adventures

 Doctor Whooves and Assistant is a YouTube series of audio dramas based on the adventures of Doctor Whooves and his "assistant", Ditzy Doo, also known as Derpy.

The first three episodes form the A Bit Unexpected story arc. In it, the Doctor crashes the TARDIS on Equestria and befriends Ditzy, whom he quickly calls Derpy. The Doctor and his newly christened assistant then investigate the reappearance of Nightmare Moon. Afterwards, the Doctor and Derpy begin going on adventures with one another.

Episodes Four and Six are based on Winter Wrap Up and Over a Barrel! respectively. Episodes Five and Eight both involve time travel and are not based on specific episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Episode Seven is a crossover with Episode Five of Doctor Whooves Adventures by Squeak Anon.

YouTube channel ocarinaplaya released animations of the A Bit Unexpected story arc in 2012. The story arc has also been remade as a single episode in February 7, 2013.

In addition to eight episodes, six Q&A's, a Christmas special, an April Fool's special, and two shorts have also been released. All are uploaded on PierceSmoulder's channel.

Episode Eight introduced Tick Tock, a new assistant for the Doctor. In Part Two, JestreDeRama replaced KeikoandGilly as the Doctor.

Episode List

  1. A Bit Unexpected Pt 1 (Also animated) (Remade along with parts 2 and 3 as a single episode)
  2. A Bit Unexpected Pt 2 (Also animated) (Remade along with parts 1 and 3 as a single episode)
  3. A Bit Unexpected Pt 3 (Also animated) (Remade along with parts 1 and 2 as a single episode)
  4. Frostbite (Partially animated)
  5. Sunset
  6. Apples and Arguments (Parts 1 and 2)
  7. Wrong Way Backwards (Parts 1, 2, and 3; Crossover with Doctor Whooves Adventures)
  8. Outpost on the Fringe/The Terror
  9. Starstruck (Parts 1 and 2)
  10. Call Upon the DocDerp (Parts 1. 2 and 3)

Shorts and Extras

  1. Christmas Special
  2. Doctor and Ditzy Q&A [Set 1]
  3. Ask Doctor and Ditzy Q&A [Set 2]
  4. Doctor and Ditzy Q&A [Set 3]
  5. [APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL] The Vampire Hazard
  6. Short: Domestics
  7. Short: In Your Shoes
  8. Ask Doctor and Ditzy Q&A [Set 4]
  9. Ask Doctor and Companions Q&A [Set 5]
  10. Ask Doctor and Companions Q&A [Set 6]


  • PierceSmoulder/BaldDumboRat: Director, Writer, Editor, and Voice of Derpy/Ditzy
  • PegasusBrill: Co-writer, Lore Specialist, Sound effects, Voice of Tick Tock
  • Pennoink: Musical Composer
  • KeikoandGilly: Voice of the Doctor (Episodes 1-8)
  • JestreDeRama: Voice of the Doctor (Episode 8 onwards)

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