DivinumX is an american brony musician.

Possible OC of DivinumX
Active since September 9, 2012
Known as Musician
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DivinumX makes metal MLP related fan-music (Industrial Metal to Grindcore).


The Narrow Divide

  1. Moonlight Drifters (Symphonic Death Metal)
  2. Creatures and Beasts (Progressive Metal)
  3. Deicide (Techical Death Metal)
  4. Abominable Cuteness (Grindcore)

The Skyline

  1. The Skyline (Industrial Metal)
  2. The Start
  3. Sentiment
  4. Enmity
  5. Everblack Eternal

Wrong Way (Ponyfied Sublime Parody)

If Insomnia Could Dream

  1. Fireflies (Owl City Cover)


  1. Bitter Blood
  2. Your Shadow
  3. In My Sorrows
  4. My Despair (Shoegaze Metal)
  5. Silent Author
  6. Obey
  7. Luna Caps Lock (Prince Whateverer Cover)
  8. Writing on the Walls
  9. Where the Mass Collide

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