Discordantly title image
Remastered Version's Title Page
Writer/artist CosmicUnicorn
Date published Sep 18, 2011 (Original Version)
Aug 17, 2012 (Remade Version)
Pages 6 (Original Version)
13 (Remastered Version)
Featuring Discord
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Discordantly is a fan comic created by CosmicUnicorn. Currently, there are two versions; the orginal sketched version, and the uncompleted remastered version. In the comic, Discord explains how he became frozen as a statue the first time around, and how Celestia, whom he had a crush on, broke his heart.


The story begins with Discord stating how, many years ago, he was in love with Princess Celestia, whom he thought (and still thinks) was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. After some time of admiring her from afar, Discord finally introduced himself to the princess, and even brought her flowers. Despite his efforts to win her over, Celestia was disgusted by Discord's appearance, and refused his kindness. Because of this and his already evil state, Discord decided that he would become the monster everyone saw him as, and began to spread chaos across the world.

This continued for several centuries, with Discord becoming the King of Chaos, ruling the world with everlasting disharmony. Eventually, the alicorns, one of the ancient races of Equestria, stood up against the Chaos Spirit, as they believed had the authority to protect the weak. Viewing the alicorns as a threat to his perfect chaotic world, Discord wiped all of them out by various means. But, despite Discord's best efforts, two alicorns survived; Princess Celestia, and her sister, Princess Luna.

Together, the two alicorns sisters returned order and life to the ravaged world, much to the disgust of Discord. Once the world was restored, the sisters came after Discord himself. After chasing the King of Chaos until he could run no longer, the sisters used the Elements of Harmony to turn him to stone.

And, before completely being turned into a statue, the last thing Discord saw was the face of the one who broke his heart and turned him evil in the first place; Celestia.


The original version of the comic was a sketched six-parter, written between the premieres of The Return of Harmony Part 1 and The Return of Harmony Part 2.

The remastered version includes enhanced art and a revised story. Unlike the orginal, each comic panel is smaller, thus bringing the total of strips to a higher number. Currently, this version has 13 strips, with more on the way.


The comic has inspired many fanfictions[1][2][3]. SoundoftheAviators released a song, Monster[4], based on the comic on Mar 25, 2012. The song is sung by Discord, who laments about how Celestia turned him into the 'monster' he currently is. A PMV[5] of Monster by BronyDanceParty was released the day after the song was.


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