Diamond and Dazzle
Diamond and Dazzle by MagerBlutooth
Writer/artist MagerBlutooth
Date published May 15, 2014
Type/genre Comedy, slice-of-life
Featuring Diamond Tiara
Diamond and Dazzle is a comedic slice-of-life comic series by MagerBlutooth. It follows the misadventures of Diamond Tiara and her pet kitty Dazzle. Many installments in the series are single-panel one-shots, but several—including the comic's first installment—are full-length comic strips.


Tower The first strip in the series. Diamond Tiara makes a tower of bits and calls her father over to come and see. Dazzle hops onto the desk, and Diamond thinks he's going to knock the tower over. He nuzzles Diamond's face and tickles her nose with his tail. Diamond sneezes and flies backward onto her bed. When Filthy Rich comes over, he thinks Dazzle was the one who made the tower of bits. An angered Diamond Tiara knocks the tower over herself.
Imp Diamond Tiara has a one-sided conversation with the telephone, telling it that she's expecting an important phone call. Dazzle enters, but Diamond tells him she's busy. When Diamond momentarily leaves the room, Dazzle unplugs the phone line. When Diamond returns, the phone suddenly rings, to Diamond's delight and Dazzle's confusion. Diamond answers and, after a short conversation, hangs up. She goes to tell her parents that the ponies from Phone Owners called and want her to be on their show. Dazzle prepares to smash the phone, but it rings again. He answers, and a demonic voice on the other end tells him to leave a message for Diamond.
Sweets Diamond is about to partake of a chocolate cake when Dazzle enters. Dazzle wants a piece, but Diamond keeps the whole cake for herself. Dazzle briefly leaves and returns wearing a cute dress and holding a sign that reads "Please?" Defeated, Diamond gives Dazzle the whole cake.
Fear Diamond is unable to sleep due to a terrifying thunderstorm. The impish Dazzle wants to take a photo of her fright, but his conscience (manifesting as a small light-blue cat with wings) tries to dissuade him. When Dazzle ignores, his conscience jabs him with a pitchfork, and he zooms onto Diamond's head. Diamond, thinking Dazzle is also scared of the storm, allows him to sleep with her. Dazzle gives up and whisks off to sleep next to his owner.
Love Diamond wakes Dazzle up from a catnap and holds him close. Dazzle, annoyed by the over-affection, pushes Diamond away. Diamond feigns sorrow at Dazzle's coldness and fakes a heart attack. An alarmed Dazzle is about to inject her with adrenaline, but Diamond assures him she's fine. Relieved, Dazzle hugs her and purrs (a sound Diamond never heard him make before).
Vet Diamond takes Dazzle to the veterinarian Mane Goodall. Noticing Dazzle's tension and eye dilation, Goodall asks Diamond if he's been feeling any anxiety or distress and getting enough sleep. When the conversation shifts to Dazzle's diet, Goodall asks if he's been cutting down on the sugar. While Goodall's back is turned, Diamond and Dazzle try to sneak candy from a jar; Goodall catches them and says it's sugar-free. She tells Dazzle to eat more healthily for his follow-up exam the following week. When Diamond asks if that only applies to him, Goodall sees her off with a carrot.
Restaurant Diamond, Dazzle, and Filthy Rich eat out at a fancy restaurant. Just before Dazzle uncouthly digs into his meal, Diamond "ahem"'s, prompting Dazzle to employ proper table manners. Filthy is impressed by his etiquette, and Diamond says she rubbed off on him. The waiter asks Filthy if he needs anything else; as he watches Diamond and Dazzle eat soup in the same manner, he asks the waiter to bring him a camera.
Vacation Diamond and Dazzle wake up Filthy Rich and help him get ready for their family vacation. After a swift breakfast, the three go out and share in various fun activities like the beach, miniature golf, face painting, the aquarium, and the arcade. After a full day of fun, Filthy tucks Diamond and Dazzle into bed. Just before he leaves the room, Dazzle gives him a rolled-up piece of paper. It's a drawing of Diamond, Dazzle, and Filthy together, and it reads "LET'S DO THIS AGAIN, DAD - Diamond Tiara & Dazzle".
Privacy In Diamond's bedroom, Diamond uses her computer and Dazzle writes in a book. Filthy Rich calls from the next room and reminds him to put away the dishes. As Dazzle leaves the room, Diamond sees Dazzle's diary on the bed and goes snooping. Dazzle returns, and Diamond expresses her displeasure that he hasn't written anything in his diary about her. Annoyed, Dazzle goes to Diamond's toy chest and fishes out a giant book labeled "Living with a Princess". However, the book is locked and Dazzle has the key. Diamond chases Dazzle through Ponyville as ponies look on in confusion.
Conflict In the series' first ongoing storyline, Diamond serves Dazzle his late-night snack, giving him a choice between cat food and ice cream. When Dazzle picks the ice cream, Diamond scolds him, saying he's supposed to eat less sugar and is going to get her in trouble. When Dazzle ignores her, Diamond suddenly cries out, "You're a cat!" The commotion catches Filthy Rich's attention; he sees Diamond upside-down in the trash can and a feral-looking Dazzle chowing down on ice cream. When Diamond emerges from the trash can (with a scratch on her cheek), she takes Dazzle's collar and denounces him as her pet. She walks out of the kitchen, leaving Dazzle heartbroken.

In her bedroom, Diamond fumes that Dazzle isn't her perfect kitty all the time, stating that he was on the day she got him.

Glimpse (Part 1) In a flashback to Diamond Tiara's birthday party several years prior, Diamond pretends to be a unicorn as Filthy gives her a present (Diamond quickly deducing from the air holes that it's a kitten). "Princess" Diamond Tiara "liberates" the kitten from the box and is shocked to discover him acting like a dog.
Glimpse (Part 2) When Diamond asks her father about the kitten's behavior, Filthy explains that he was the only kitten in a shelter full of dogs and has never even tasted cat food. Diamond is displeased by the present but changes her tune somewhat when the kitten gives her a paddle ball.
Glimpse (Part 3) Filthy says he doesn't understand Diamond's dissatisfaction, saying the kitten meets all the criteria for her ideal pet and already likes her. When Diamond asks if she can go to her room, her mother holding the video camera gives her her last birthday present. Diamond unwraps it excitedly but is confused to find a physical diamond tiara, claiming that wearing it will negatively impact her image. At that moment, the video camera's battery dies.
Glimpse (Part 4) Filthy asks why Diamond is so displeased with her pet, and Diamond says that there's nothing special about owning a dog. She says she wanted a kitty that was different from others—a kitty that was one-of-a-kind. When Filthy tells her to at least give him a chance, Diamond does just that: in a game show-like environment, Diamond gives the kitten six seconds to prove he can be her perfect kitty. Dazzle is unsure of what to do and starts chasing his tail, much to Diamond's frustration.
Glimpse (Part 5) Filthy calls the pony he got the kitten from on the telephone and sees about returning him. Diamond overhears this and suddenly doesn't want to get rid of the kitten. She shows her father a storybook about a spoiled girl who throws away every present she's given in the garbage. A witch places a curse on the girl that causes her to shrink in size whenever she acts ungrateful. Eventually she becomes so small that her servants mistake her for a bread crumb and throw her in the garbage. Not wanting to be a copycat, Diamond resolves to make the kitten into her perfect pet.
Resolution Back in present day, Diamond wakes up from a bad dream. She goes out into the hallway and finds a sad-looking Dazzle. Upon noticing Diamond and wanting to make her happy, Dazzle eats the cat food that she wanted him to eat earlier. However, having a distaste for cat food, Dazzle immediately throws up.

As the two wash up in the bathroom, Diamond tells Dazzle that when she first got him, she was going to turn him into her perfect kitty. But she realizes now that Dazzle had always been her perfect kitty. Dazzle cries tears of joy and licks Diamond's face, and Filthy watches the heartwarming scene from the bathroom door.

Fortune Diamond Tiara has her fortune read by an off-panel fortuneteller while Dazzle attempts to court Rarity's cat Opalescence in the background. The fortuneteller incorrectly guesses Diamond's name as "Girlie Crown" and makes several nondescript predictions about her future. Diamond is disbelieving of the fortuneteller's skills and claims her cat could hack up a better fortune. The fortuneteller calls Diamond's bluff and transforms her into a cat.

Dazzle becomes smitten with the transformed Diamond, and the fortuneteller says he'll change her back if she apologizes. Before Dazzle tries to get intimate with her, Diamond writes out an apology to the fortuneteller (revealed to be Discord). Meanwhile, a vengeful Opal prepares a Dazzle-resembling voodoo doll in the background.

Session In a session with pet psychologist Twilight Velvet, Diamond chats with Velvet about Twilight Sparkle and fantasizes about becoming an Alicorn princess. In the background, Dazzle is stirred from a nap when a mouse jumps into his mouth. When Diamond and Velvet notice him licking Diamond's tail to get the taste of mouse out of his mouth, Diamond dreads the thought of having a kitty that takes "special pills".

For the next therapy exercise, Velvet has Diamond and Dazzle draw pictures of the two of them together. When Diamond submits a picture that is less than flattering of Dazzle, Dazzle steals Diamond's tiara. As Diamond chases him out the window. Velvet looks at Dazzle's picture; she notices that he drew Diamond with much more detail than how he drew himself.

Selection In a continuation of the Choice one-shot, Diamond is once again asked by a purple imp to choose between her voice, her cutie mark, her tiara, and Dazzle. She defiantly chooses Dazzle, much to the imp's chagrin. Dazzle is released from his bubble and scampers over to lovingly embrace Diamond. Dazzle's smile fades as he places his paws on Diamond's head to find the absent tiara, and his attention turns back to the imp, who has pulled out a cell phone and begun to walk away.

Dazzle pulls out his claws and manages to behead the imp and get the rest of Diamond's possessions back, though he ends up with a black eye and a knot in his tail as a result. The bodyless imp complains to an unknown entity on its cell phone about being misinformed about Diamond not having a heart.

Message A waiter brings Princess Twilight a sandwich for lunch when Dazzle hops onto the table. As Twilight is determined to keep the sandwich away from Dazzle, Dazzle presents her with a note from Diamond. In it, Diamond apologizes to Twilight for Dazzle eating her lunch over the past three days. To make up for Dazzle's misbehavior, Diamond has him do tricks for Twilight while she eats.

Twilight looks to Dazzle expecting a trick. As Dazzle distracts Twilight with a ball, he makes off with her sandwich and runs up a tree. Diamond pops out from under Twilight's table and tells Twilight to give her a horn and wings so she can get the sandwich back. Twilight immediately sees through their ruse and casts a mustache spell on them as punishment.

Later, Diamond is thrilled at having "number twenty-five" cast on her and entertains the notion of pulling a similar trick during Twilight's dinner.

Education Diamond Tiara, with Fluttershy's help, puts on a mock performance in which Fluttershy is dressed like a liver, in an effort to get Dazzle to eat more healthily. Diamond tells Dazzle to pause his computer game and has him come over to see Fluttershy (with the assurance that Angel Bunny isn't with her).

Dazzle sees Fluttershy dressed as a liver and nibbles on her ear. Diamond suddenly thinks Fluttershy is trying to steal Dazzle from her. To retaliate, she dresses up in a chocolate bar costume and waffle cone hat to steal Dazzle back, but Dazzle sees through the ruse.

Later, Fluttershy serves Dazzle a plate of real liver. When Diamond is disappointed that Dazzle favors Fluttershy over her, Dazzle kisses her on the cheek.

Cinema Diamond and Dazzle go to the movies; as Diamond goes to buy the tickets, she gives Dazzle some bits to buy snacks. Dazzle approaches the concession stand, but the cashier Candy Mane tells him that Spike bought the last box of Peanut Butter Beepies. Dazzle gives Spike a sad pout in an effort to extort the candy from him, but Spike refuses to give them up.

When Diamond returns with the tickets, she sees Spike feeding candy to Dazzle, having succumbed to his puppy dog-like begging. Diamond tries to coerce Spike further; not wanting to see the movie that Dazzle wants to see, she asks Spike to see the movie with him. Spike refuses again, but he changes his mind when Diamond offers to pay for his snacks.

Later, in the theater, Spike drools heavily at the movie Three Hours of Looking at Cakes II. The usher Mr. Waddle comes over and, thinking Spike is Dazzle's pet, asks Dazzle to calm him down.

Adventure (Prologue) Second story arc. Diamond and Dazzle play a video game together, and Diamond gets annoyed when Dazzle rushes through the level instead of collecting the bonus points. As Diamond tries to grab the controller away from Dazzle, he beats the game and gets the MVP achievement. Diamond calls Dazzle a showoff, and Dazzle makes fun of her.

All of a sudden, a pair of hands reach out from the television screen and pull Diamond and Dazzle inside, beginning their "adventure".

Adventure (Arrival) Diamond and Dazzle are transported into the game they were playing. As Diamond prods Dazzle for an explanation (and laments that she's only level 1), a level 3 fish monster appears. Dazzle drools at the sight of the monster. Diamond berates him for his gluttony, causing her to miss a quick time event, and the fish monster eats them.

An off-panel voice expresses disdain for this adventure's "chosen heroes".

Adventure (Complication) Inside the fish monster, Diamond continues to berate Dazzle for the situation they're in. When she insults him by calling him bad luck, a mortified Dazzle continually scratches at Diamond, causing minuscule damage.

Suddenly, a robot appears from the shadows and zaps Diamond and Dazzle with a laser beam. The beam imprints a strange mark on their bodies and also switches their minds.

Adventure (Motivation) Diamond (in Dazzle's body) snaps at the robot for switching her and Dazzle's minds as well as imprinting them with a "hex". The robot only says it marked the "chosen heroes" for the final boss. Behind them, an individual that looks like a mix between Discord and Mr. Game & Watch watches them in secret.

When the robot mentions that the final boss called Diamond and Dazzle "lacking in intelligence" and "rotund", an enraged Diamond decides to go after the final boss and teach him a lesson. Just before they set out, Dazzle (in Diamond's body) takes his collar back, and Diamond refuses to let him wear it, worried about how it would make her look.

Adventure (World 1) As Diamond wonders about the "chosen hero" marks imprinted on her and Dazzle's bodies, they're attacked by a group of low-level enemies. Diamond is confident that she can take them on, but Dazzle's stats are far too low, much to his embarrassment. Diamond initiates an escape and drags Dazzle off to gain some experience points.

Unfortunately, Dazzle is too weak or cowardly to even take on a Waddle Dee, a Luvdisc, a bandit, Glass Joe, or a sandbag.

Adventure (World 2) Because of her high experience level over Dazzle, Diamond takes the lead in their adventure and uses Dazzle as a mount, much to his humiliation. The two stop in a bazaar to buy drinks, but Diamond fails the charisma check at a drink stand, causing the owner Redd to alert Blastoise security.

Blastoise seizes Diamond, and Redd offers to sell her back to Dazzle. Passing the charisma check, Dazzle takes the opportunity to pay Diamond back for his earlier humiliation by dressing her up in a red bow and booties.

Adventure (World 3) As Dazzle takes amusement in Diamond's struggle to remove her booties, Diamond suggests that the low-leveled Dazzle tame a monster to fight battles for him. He fishes a monstrous fish out of the sea and runs away in fright, and Diamond's booties prevent her from fighting it off with her cat claws.

Luckily, when Diamond catches a whiff of the fish's appetizing scent, she learns a new skill and defeats the fish with a 97-hit Chomp Combo.

Adventure (World 4) Diamond continues to bemoan her chubby, stubby-legged kitty body as she and Dazzle approach the end of the level they're in. Dazzle suddenly speeds through the end of the level as well as several levels after, skipping enemy mobs and valuables along the way, and Diamond struggles to keep up.

However, in one ice level, Dazzle slips into a icy pond, freezing the lower half of his body in ice. Diamond scolds him for being a showoff and promises to thaw him out with a Fire Flower if he behaves.

Adventure (World 5) Diamond and Dazzle, now advancing at a more leisurely pace, reach a forest level. Diamond spots a barrel and climbs inside to see what treasures it holds, but it suddenly shoots her out and into a log.

Diamond calls out to Dazzle for help getting out of the log, and Dazzle enlists a Mamuta to assist. However, the Mamuta simply shoves him into another log and uses the two for floral arrangement, much to Diamond's chagrin.

Adventure (World 6) Six worlds into the game, Dazzle is still only at level 8, with Diamond putting him down as they progress. Distressed, Dazzle runs off toward a Tetris L-block. He trips a security system and gets slammed into a bottomless pit.

Diamond, having Dazzle's emotional sensibilities, grieves over Dazzle's apparent death... until a suction tube spits him out. Relieved, Diamond licks Dazzle's face, much to her own embarrassment.

Adventure (World 7) By the time they reach a cloud level, Diamond and Dazzle are demonstrating more teamwork. Unfortunately, it's an automatic screen-scrolling level, prompting the two to rush through as quickly as they can and miss out on EXP and valuables.

When they finally reach the end of the level, a shaman appears and asks them if they want to try and beat their best time. Diamond and Dazzle throw him over the clouds in frustration.

Adventure (World 8) Diamond and Dazzle finally reach the final boss's room, and a Goomba steps out of the shadows. Wearing a Diamond and Dazzle cap and having a wall of video feeds showing highlights of their adventures, the Goomba says he is their biggest fan. Diamond happily signs an autograph for him, but Dazzle senses that he might be Discord in disguise.

The Goomba asks how Diamond and Dazzle are such good friends after everything they've been through together. Dazzle pulls Diamond away from the Goomba, and before Diamond can answer his question, he returns the two to their original bodies. However, Diamond still doesn't have her cutie mark, as the Goomba takes both her cutie mark and Dazzle for his "collection."

Audition Diamond Tiara makes an audition tape to be cast in the next season of a television show called Pony & Pet. As she talks at length about herself, Dazzle ties a string to her tail. She then talks about her "perfect kitty" and tells Dazzle to show his talents for the camera. Dazzle presses a button on a remote, causing Diamond to be yanked off-camera by her tail.

With Diamond gone, Dazzle holds a card up to the camera that reads "I'm also single, ladies." Diamond, not to be upstaged, gets into a tussle with Dazzle that briefly interrupts the video. When the recording resumes, Diamond—looking messy—concludes the video. Dazzle holds up a sign that reads "CALL ME", and Diamond tells the viewer not to call him.

Adventure (Trivia) The Goomba forces Diamond to choose between her cutie mark and Dazzle. Diamond, having become tired of this bit, immediately chooses Dazzle. However, the Goomba refuses to release Dazzle, saying he knows everything about him. When Diamond argues the same, the Goomba has her prove it in a quiz game.

Diamond utterly fails the quiz, particularly due to the questions' bizarre selection of answers. Diamond demands that the Goomba ask something about Dazzle that actually matters. He asks "What type of animal is Dazzle?" Without thinking, Diamond answers "cat". Before she can correct herself, the Goomba releases Dazzle, and Dazzle—the game's true final boss—attacks Diamond.

Adventure (Boss) Diamond faces off against an enraged Dazzle, and as a result of returning to their original bodies, Dazzle is now at a much higher level than Diamond. Diamond tries to apologize for calling Dazzle a cat, but Dazzle attacks her, dropping her HP to zero in one hit.

As Diamond appears to have died, Dazzle comes to his senses and realizes what he's done. The Goomba congratulates Dazzle for proving he's the better gamer, and a saddened Dazzle squashes him in a rage. The Goomba sheds his physical body, revealing a Boo. Holding Diamond's tiara, the Boo asks Dazzle how much an extra life is worth to him.

Adventure (Respawn) Some time later, Diamond awakens in a bed, being cared for by a Toad wearing glasses. When Diamond him asks about Dazzle, Dazzle meows on the nearby carpet, and the Toad explains that he "cured" him.

The Toad explains that when he found the angered Dazzle next to Diamond's body, he gave Dazzle a fish, and Dazzle wagged his tail like a puppy. Due to the fish's magical properties, Dazzle was tamed to act like a normal housecat. This explanation doesn't satisfy Diamond, however, as Dazzle hasn't wagged his tail since Diamond first gave him his collar.

Diamond demands the truth, and the Toad takes off his glasses, deciding to tell Diamond everything.

Adventure (Revelation) The Toad transports Diamond and Dazzle to an empty, pixelated space and reveals himself as the keeper of the game—the one who summoned the "chosen heroes". He is aware that he exists in a world that isn't real, but he takes joy in providing adventures and granting wishes for those who are real. However, soon after he brought Diamond and Dazzle into the game, a virus took control and locked him out.

Diamond says she never wished for Dazzle to be a normal kitty, and the Toad explains it was Dazzle's wish. When he first appeared before Dazzle, he saw a sadness and desire to be a normal cat in his eyes. Diamond tells the Toad to turn Dazzle back to normal, but the Toad is unable to because the game is over. He is about to eject the two from the game, but despite Diamond's claims that she likes Dazzle better this way, she cries.

Having spent the entire adventure in her kitty's body, Diamond comes to understand how much she loves Dazzle and wants him to be his usual, goofy, non-cat-like self. Annoyed, the Toad complies with Diamond's request before ejecting them from the game.

The Boo returns in a Yoshi body, and the Toad asks him if he got Dazzle's signature. The Yoshi reveals a contract that Dazzle apparently signed, and the Toad takes off his mask to reveal the imp from "Choice"/"Selection".

Adventure (Epilogue) Two days later, Diamond's life has more or less returned to normal. She no longer has her cutie mark, but she resolves to get used to it. In Diamond's room, Dazzle suffers payback for the humiliation he put Diamond through in "Adventure (World 2)". Diamond releases Dazzle from his punishment, and he licks her face, having also returned to normal.

Dazzle feels guilty for Diamond losing her cutie mark, but Diamond says it was her choice. Though she hides her sorrow over it, she doesn't want to hear another word about it. In an effort to cheer Diamond up, Dazzle suggests they play a video game together, and Diamond accepts his challenge.

Visitor Dazzle bakes a cake for Diamond, but Peal sneaks in through a window and eats it. Annoyed, Dazzle alerts Diamond. Diamond greets Peal, and Peal gives her a note from her Aunt Spoiled asking her to take care of Peal for her until she arrives to Ponyville.

Diamond is oblivious to Dazzle's objections to letting Peal stay. When Diamond leaves the two kitties alone, Peal grades Dazzle's cake a C-minus. Before Dazzle can protest, Peal distracts him with scratches behind the ear and belly rubs.

Sugar Diamond, Dazzle, and Peal arrive at Sugarcube Corner to meet with Silver Spoon. A couple of fillies giggle at something, earning a growl from Dazzle, who thinks they're laughing at Diamond's cutie mark. Peal restrains him as Silver calls Diamond over to her table.

Silver wants to know more about Diamond and Dazzle's recent adventure, but Diamond remains silent. Sensing her bad mood, Silver offers to have a sleepover to introduce Peal to her pets and cheer up Diamond. Diamond takes offense, suspecting Silver of pitying her, though she agrees to the idea of the sleepover. Silver then promises to make Diamond and her pets "sunnier than Pinkie Pie."

Load Before the sleepover begins, Dazzle is napping beside the phone. Diamond chastises him for skipping his nap time and heads off to make him some wake-up food. As she leaves, the hand from Imp emerges from the phone again unbeknownst to everyone. It grabs Peal by mistake and tries to pull her through the phone. Unsuccessful, the Imp emerges from the television wearing a red version of Dazzle's collar. He says he has big plans for Dazzle and holds up a small scroll. Before he can do anything else, Diamond comes in with a smoothie for Dazzle. The Imp turns into a cat to hide his identity, though Peal knows something's up.
Embrace Silver arrives for the sleepover, immediately gushing over how cute and dog-like the Imp cat is, comparing him to Dazzle. She names him 'Illy' after what's written on his collar. Peal tries to keep Dazzle from playing with Illy, but Diamond drags her away to introduce her to Silver's pets. Peal is terrified by Imperius while Iggy is terrified by Peal.
Entertainment After the chaos resulting from the pets meeting, Peal is taken to Dazzle's room to calm down. Silver uses this opportunity to put her plan into action by offering Diamond a chance to try out Iggy's virtual helmet. Illy shows suspicion, so Silver convinces Dazzle to leave so that Illy can keep him occupied. She tells Iggy to make sure Diamond stays distracted with the helmet and sends Imperius to keep an eye on Peal while she tends to other matters.
Ploy Returning from the kitchen, Dazzle encounters Illy in the hallway. Illy shoves the scroll from before into Dazzle's mouth, which squeaks and makes him more dog-like. He leads Dazzle away as Imperius enters Dazzle's room to check on Peal. Once inside, Imperius is caught in a trap Peal set, which snaps as Peal tries to run past him, sending him crashing down on her. Iggy hears something inside the room as he and Diamond run past. He opens the door to find Imperius nursing a dizzy and injured Peal. Discord can be seen in one of the portraits on the wall.
Overload Silver rummages through the kitchen drawers and finds a knife before Diamond runs by wearing her helmet and some horseshoes. Silver takes one of the horseshoes, not noticing as Discord gives Diamond some whiskers and paws. Silver is startled as she runs into Dazzle, trying to make up an excuse for him to leave her alone until he licks her face. She comments that it's the first time he's ever licked her and becomes overjoyed as she believes that they're friends now. She says she'll bring him a big cupcake, causing him to revert to his normal self again. Illy stuffs the scroll into his mouth again, turning him even more dog-like and getting his tail to wag. Illy's eye appears to record Dazzle's behavior.
Void Peal receives a rude awakening as Iggy throws a bucket of water on her. The two accuse each other of malicious behavior until Imperius gets their attention, alerting them to Dazzle's presence. Peal is horrified to see Dazzle acting like a dog.

Silver walks by with her cupcake and comes across a kitty-turned Diamond after being distracted by a candelabra. She fears that Diamond is collecting cats to fill the void of her missing cutie mark and throws Diamond out the window, running to warn Filthy Rich.

Envoy Kitty Diamond realizes she's no longer wearing the virtual helmet as she makes her way back inside. Worried about Dazzle flirting with her, Diamond tries to sneak in the window only to freak out when she sees Dazzle's transformation, demanding to know who's responsible.

Illy enters the room informing her that dogs can't speak cat and that they can now have a private conversation as the only two cats left. Peal gives him an annoyed look, prompting him to squeak his scroll again, making Dazzle attack Peal and scare her off. Imperius and Iggy give chase, and Illy stops Diamond so they can have a discussion.

Roundup Dazzle continues chasing after Peal, biting off the tip of her tail and scaring her onto a light fixture. Before he can bite her again, she is saved by Imperius who ends up with his own tail tip bitten off as well. Iggy throws some cookies at Dazzle to hold him off, which also happen to turn him back to normal.

Meanwhile, Illy offers Diamond two wishes in exchange for Dazzle, but Diamond turns him down. Illy says he'll have to re-purpose the wishes and leaves, only for Filthy to kick him out. Discord turns Diamond back to normal before her dad sees anything.

Sleepover Diamond dreads the idea of telling her aunt what happened to Peal, and Silver tries to lighten the mood. Diamond informs Silver that she's aware Silver was up to something and wants to know what it was. Silver admits to planning a big surprise, and Diamond suggests she can try again tomorrow. Peal attacks her after she suggests this.

From an unknown location, the Imp gets out of the shower as he and Discord watch the events taking place at Diamond's house. It's revealed that the Imp has Discord has some kind of contract and that Discord owes the Imp two more wishes. The Imp also says he's not done with Diamond and Dazzle yet.

Warmth Diamond, Dazzle, Silver, and Imperius return from a wintertime musical, talking about how terrible it was, Diamond being particularly irate. Dazzle, having enjoyed himself greatly, sneezes on his dress, earning his owner's scorn. She finds he has a fever and begins simultaneously nurturing him to help cure his cold and punishing him for playing too long in the snow. After Dazzle burns his tongue on the soup she made him, she decides to tone it down a bit by letting him watch a program on TV if he behaves. Diamond flees as Dazzle tries to thank her with 'puppy kisses'.
Besties Diamond confronts Dazzle and Peal in a dark room underneath a spotlight after they draw on each other in embarrassing ways. As punishment, she forces them to stay in the room until they become 'besties', leaving them alone together. Though they ignore each other at first, Dazzle gets a mischievous idea and leaps onto Peal's bed. He stops Peal from attacking him by threatening to relieve himself on it, then wants to hear her say something (possibly beg him to get off or bark like a dog). Much his surprise, Peal lets out a small squeak instead, and though he starts to laugh at first, he cannot continue as he sees her start to cry. Diamond returns with beverages to find Peal sobbing in Dazzles' embrace. When she asks what's wrong, Dazzle starts crying too.
Friendship Filthy finds Peal gazing somberly at her reflection, snatching her up and taking her to his chair. He tells her about when he first met her and how surprised he was at how small and timid she was. However, everything changed after her first encounter with Dazzle, and she started toughening up ever since. Though Dazzle just wanted to play puppy games with her, Peal began to use him to get more food until finally Dazzle was fed up with her. Filthy compliments Peal on her strength and thanks her for "looking out for Dazzle" before falling asleep. As Peal leaves the room, she stumbles across Dazzle, not sure how to respond after reflecting on Filthy's story. She reacts in shock and horror as she finds out Dazzle has shaved off the end of his own tail to match Peal's. Moved by Dazzle's selfless act, Peal finally drops her sense of superiority and agrees to play Dazzle's games, much to Dazzle's immense delight. The two gleefully chase each other's tails as Diamond looks on in confusion.
Tail Dazzle takes Peal to Sugarcube Corner to help her get over her self-esteem issues regarding her shaved tail. After removing the sock covering it and nudging her forward, Dazzle gets Peal to calm down until Mr. Cake picks her up. Though she's originally terrified, Dazzle shows some tough love and forces her to face her fear. After Mr. Cake notices her tail and shows his wife, Mrs. Cake notices Peal's distress and sets the kitty down beside Pound and Pumpkin Cake. The two foals embrace Peal and immediately begin playing with her, and Dazzle watches proudly as Peal starts to have fun with them. His pride turns to shock and regret as Peal and the foals are offered a great deal of cake.
Wingman Peal visits the Carousel Boutique in an attempt to convince Opal to give Dazzle a chance. Before she can make her move, Opal notices Peal's tail and drags her inside to cover it up. Peal tries to sneak Dazzle into the conversation, but Opal only laughs and begins mocking Dazzle's sloppy nature, doglike behavior, and feminine dressing habits. Peal can't help but laugh as Opal openly does a mocking impression of him, only to find Dazzle standing right behind them in a particularly girly outfit with cookie crumbs all over his face. Dazzle snaps and walks off, the two girl kitties finding it difficult to look away as he leaves.
Countdown Filthy is playing chess with Randolph when Peal comes in with a mug for him. Filthy tells Randolph to take a break as Peal climbs onto Filthy's lap. Diamond brings in Dazzle, informing her dad that Dazzle snuck a pair of pants onto her backside while she was sleeping and took pictures. Filthy casually reprimands Dazzle and takes a drink from his mug, realizing it's full of dirt. Realizing Dazzle is being a bad influence on Peal, Diamond drags Dazzle off to lecture him about good manners. Before she can leave, her dad informs her that her Aunt Spoiled will finally arrive soon.
Fashion Looking rather nervous, Diamond dresses Peal up in a fancy dress in preparation of Aunt Spoiled's arrival, with Peal being clearly uncomfortable wearing it. After Diamond leaves to dress up Dazzle, a mouse crawls into the room, prompting Peal to chase after it. She chases it into the closet, completely ruining her dress during the chase and getting knocked out by the mouse's friends. The mouse feels guilty about ruining her dress and gets inspired after finding a trading card stored away in Peal's tail.

Still nervous, Diamond tells Dazzle to go get Peal, and a banana knocks off her tiara from above. She and Dazzle look up the stairs to find Peal dressed up as a ninja with the mouse on her shoulder as her 'sidekick'.

Introduction Diamond tries to reason with Peal and get her to change back into something more appropriate, but Peal uncharacteristically refuses to comply. Realizing Dazzle's completely corrupted her, Diamond threatens to tell Aunt Spoiled what a troublemaker Peal's become, immediately changing her tune as she hears the doorbell. She stops Randolph from answering it but cannot do the same as Filthy opens it to greet his sister. Spoiled responds to him coldly and formally, giving his tie a "D+" as she nonchalantly walks past him. Dazzle tries to stall for Diamond by looking cute, but Spoiled passes him by as well due to the mouse hair on Dazzle's dress that resulted from him trying to dispose of Peal's sidekick. Spoiled finds a nervous-looking Diamond standing next to a box and asks her where Peal is. Before Diamond can respond, Peal leaps out, revealing her ninja outfit and shaved tail. Spoiled is pleased.
Shock Diamond doesn't understand why her Aunt Spoiled is comfortable with Peal's tail and attire, demanding to receive punishment for her negligence. Aunt Spoiled shrugs it off, insisting Peal's fur will grow back and encouraging Peal to make the most of her costume. As Filthy asks Spoiled if she will be staying long, Spoiled returns to her cold demeanor and says she only plans to critique Sugarcube Corner and leave. Diamond is flabbergasted that Spoiled plans to take Peal out in public when she's dressed like that, but Spoiled continues to encourage Peal's choice of attire, even letting her kitty cover her hair in banana. Spoiled tries to explain how pets rub off on their owners, as Dazzle jumps into Diamond's lap. Filthy tries once again to convince his sister to stay a little longer by pointing out how Dazzle and Peal recently became friends, but after he calls her 'Blankie', her demeanor completely changes into one that's aggressive and childish. Spoiled calls Filthy by his first name several times, reminding him that she changed her name to Spoiled Surprise. In her frustration, she smashes the television, electrocuting herself and Peal. After recovering, she decides to calm down.
Silver and Dazzle: Bond
Diamond no Dazzle: Sickness
Silver and Dazzle: Summon
Diamond no Dazzle: Warrant
Diamond no Dazzle: Trial


Monday Diamond Tiara drags Dazzle to a one-day-only session of "Pony-Kitty Dance Lessons".
Tuesday Diamond and Dazzle play chess. A chalkboard scoreboard shows Diamond's one win to Dazzle's forty.
Wednesday Diamond and Dazzle play Mario Party. As Diamond buys another star, Dazzle looks annoyed.
Thursday Diamond and Dazzle practice stage magic. As Diamond attempts an escape trick, Dazzle runs away with the key.
Friday Diamond and Dazzle watch a scary movie. The frightened Dazzle clutches tightly onto Diamond's tail.
Saturday A play fight between Diamond dressed as a Team Fortress 2 sniper and Dazzle dressed as a dragon.
Sunday Diamond and Dazzle are on stage accepting the first place trophy in the "Pony & Pet Waffle-Making Competition".
Gluttony Diamond and Dazzle engorge on food.
Wrath Diamond and Dazzle argue over a confrontation involving blue paint.
Envy Dazzle gets jealous when Diamond gives attention to her aunt's kitten Peal.
Lust Diamond witnesses a face-off between Dazzle and Peal.
Sloth Diamond and Dazzle lay around doing nothing.
Greed Diamond and Dazzle hustle ponies out of their bits with a shell game.
Pride Diamond and Dazzle model bizarre-looking outfits.
Twilight Diamond admires Princess Twilight Sparkle and Dazzle attempts to menace Owlowiscious.
Pinkie Diamond and Pinkie organize a party for Silver Spoon.
Applejack Diamond annoys Applejack and Winona licks Dazzle's face.
Rainbow Rainbow apologizes to Diamond for accidentally breaking her new vase, and Dazzle flies with Tank.
Rarity Rarity makes a dress for Diamond while Dazzle attempts to court Opalescence.
Fluttershy Diamond holds Dazzle back from menacing Angel Bunny.
Diamond's Birthday Dazzle brings Diamond breakfast in bed on her birthday, but he accidentally spills the food on her.
Dazzle's Birthday Dazzle begrudgingly accepts Diamond's birthday gift of a girly dress.
Filthy's Birthday Diamond, Dazzle, and Filthy Rich play laser tag. Dazzle wears the dress from his birthday.
Morning Diamond and Dazzle go fishing. Dazzle laughs at Diamond for her tiny catch.
Afternoon Diamond and Dazzle go on a picnic.
Evening Diamond and Snails are on a date, with Dazzle providing music. Snails grosses Diamond out by touching his ear with his tongue.
Night Diamond and Dazzle face off against a mysterious individual with fork and spoon hands.
Cat Diamond dresses and acts like a cat for Dazzle.
Shame Diamond has a bad haircut, and Dazzle holds up a sign that reads "I Gave My Princess A Haircut She Didn't Need".
Teacher Diamond and Dazzle are student and teacher. Dazzle points to a chalkboard that reads "The only escape from the miseries of life are music and candy".
Health Diamond takes a sick-looking Dazzle to the vet.
Switch Twilight uses her magic to turn Dazzle into a bunny and Angel into a kitten.
Mask Diamond and Dazzle play The Binding of Isaac.
Pencil In a parody of an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, Dazzle draws an unflattering drawing of Diamond.
Thunderstorm Diamond and Dazzle play Donkey Kong Country 3.
Chain Diamond Tiara dressed as Mikawa Fumika from Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed.
Territory Dazzle and Peal argue with paint and make a mess of Diamond's house.
Toy Diamond notices Dazzle hugging a Diamond Tiara plush toy.
Shark In the bathtub, Diamond preys on Dazzle while holding up a sign that reads "90% INTEREST RATE".
Siamese Diamond finds the house a mess, and Dazzle points to the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp as the cause.
Broccoli Diamond tries to get Dazzle to eat broccoli.
Cello Dazzle is furious when Diamond doesn't show up for his cello recital.
Balance Dazzle tries to keep Diamond from knocking over the tower of bits he made.
Spike Diamond looks disapprovingly at Spike for buying meat at the Ponyville market.
Cheerilee Diamond brings Dazzle to show-and-tell at school.
Celestia Diamond is starstruck at meeting Princess Celestia and Dazzle looks hungrily at Philomena.
Luna Princess Luna takes Diamond into Dazzle's dreams.
Cadance Diamond tries to buy the Crystal Heart from Princess Cadance in exchange for Dazzle and a bag of bits.
Zecora Diamond sees what Zecora is brewing while Zecora looks suspiciously at Dazzle.
Date Filthy Rich and Dazzle look angrily at Snips before his date with Diamond.
Dance Diamond holds one-day-only dance lessons. Featherweight, believing he would be dancing with Diamond, instead dances with Dazzle.
Twister Diamond, Dazzle, and Twist play Twister. Dazzle tries to trip up Diamond by tickling her nose with his tail.
Race Diamond, Dazzle, and the Flim Flam brothers play Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Disguise Diamond and Dazzle sneak into the Canterlot Garden Party in disguise and meet Fancy Pants.
Movie Diamond, Dazzle, and Pipsqueak shoot a movie.
Fame Photo Finish is about to make Diamond a fashion star... until she discovers Dazzle.
Show Diamond enters Dazzle in a pet show judged by Ms. Harshwhinny.
Fight Due to physical arguments between Dazzle and Angel, Diamond and Fluttershy take them to pet psychologist Twilight Velvet.
Nightmare Moon Diamond and Dazzle face off against Nightmare Moon, who's guarding a pile of candy.
Discord Discord torments Diamond and Dazzle.
Chrysalis Diamond and Queen Chrysalis lounge over drinks.
Sombra Dazzle falls victim to King Sombra's door of fears and holds Diamond.
Sunset Shimmer Diamond has her face licked by a chihuahua and Sunset Shimmer prepares to shoo Dazzle off with a broom.
Tirek Diamond judges a pie-eating contest between Dazzle and Lord Tirek.
Fireworks Diamond and Dazzle watch a fireworks display.
Spring Diamond and Dazzle, in schoolgirl uniforms, enjoy the springtime.
Summer Diamond and Dazzle are given baths by Phineas and Ferb.
Fall Dazzle rakes leaves while Diamond attempts to tempt him with a football.
Winter Diamond and Dazzle face Sir Slush the Snowman in Banjo-Kazooie.
Rain Dazzle (as the Cat in the Hat) tries to entertain Diamond when a rainy day keeps them inside.
Snow Diamond and Dazzle try to prank one another after a snowfall.
Heat Diamond and Dazzle play World 2 in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Pony Dazzle dresses like Diamond Tiara, to Diamond's shock.
Haunt Diamond walks through a dark house and Dazzle, dressed as a vampire, prepares to scare her.
Aron City Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Johnny Bravo.
Dimmsdale Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of The Fairly Oddparents.
Japan Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of anime.
Quahog Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Family Guy.
Disney Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Walt Disney Animation.
Skool Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Invader ZIM.
Dystopia Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Samurai Jack.
Grayscale Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of classic black-and-white cartoons.
Ponyville Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of G3 My Little Pony.
Tremorton Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of My Life as a Teenage Robot.
Nowhere Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Hawaii Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of Lilo and Stitch.
Chibi Diamond and Dazzle drawn in the art style of chibi anime.
Chocolate (animated) Diamond dangles a chocolate bar in front of Dazzle, and he looks at it hypnotically.
Princess Diamond Tiara spends "Twilight Time" with Princess Twilight while Spike gives Dazzle the stink eye.
Culture As Diamond gives him a bath, Dazzle looks contemptuously as Peal gives herself a tongue bath.
Checkup Diamond and Dazzle are at the carnival. Before Dazzle can enjoy his cotton candy, Mane Goodall looks at him disapprovingly.
Therapy Diamond and Dazzle are in a therapy session with Twilight Velvet.
Family Diamond, Dazzle, and Filthy Rich all rely on the butler Randolph for the simplest of tasks.
Enemy Dazzle growls at Angel Bunny for taking his ice cream.
Surprise Diamond opens a Hearth's Warming Eve present and is surprised when Dazzle pops out of the box.
Jig (animated) A short animation of Diamond and Dazzle dancing.
Quiz Diamond and Dazzle are on a game show. Dazzle wins. Diamond is displeased.
Fun Dazzle plays with building blocks and small pony figurines made with toothpicks and marshmallows. Diamond fails to see the fun in the activity and tosses a figurine aside.
Choice An impish creature takes away four things that Diamond holds dear—her cutie mark, her tiara, her voice, and Dazzle—and forces her to choose only one to keep.
Flashback In a flashback, Dazzle digs a hole to bury a bone as a younger Diamond tries in vain to interest him in cat toys.
Monopoly Diamond, Dazzle, Filthy Rich, and Randolph play a life-size game of Monopoly. Filthy has the top hat game piece, Dazzle has the thimble, Randolph has the old shoe, and Diamond (with the Scottie dog game piece) is in jail.
Peeve Dazzle is annoyed when Diamond wakes him up in the middle of the night.
Results Dazzle takes first place in a popularity contest against Tank and Gummy, and Diamond takes his picture.
Heart Dazzle gives Diamond Tiara a Valentine's Day heart (which was evidently meant for Opalescence originally).
Mistake Diamond promotes a performance to be given by Dazzle and herself by making a sign that reads "Performing Tonight: Diamond + Dazzle". However, due to Dazzle's unfortunate placement next to the sign, Diamond accidentally paints the letter "E" in "Dazzle" on Dazzle's butt.
Cleanup In a follow-up to "Mistake", Diamond tries to clean Dazzle with a hose. A mischievous-looking Dazzle blocks the hose's water pressure with his paw, preparing to prank Diamond with a blast of water to the face.
Playtime Diamond plays with Dazzle using a bone.
Cookie Diamond fires Dazzle's caretaker (the reader, as a result of a poll) after catching him sneak cookies to Dazzle.
Famiy A family photo of Diamond, Dazzle, and Filthy Rich.
Discipline Diamond tries to teach Dazzle to control his snacking urges. It doesn't go well.
Disturbance Diamond is embarrassed when Dazzle follows her to school one day.
Silver Spoon Animal lover Silver Spoon smothers Dazzle with affection as an amused Diamond Tiara watches.
Bump Diamond and Silver Spoon perform their special hoofshake as Dazzle looks on in seething jealousy.
Opal Dazzle paints a portrait of Opal, but he's distracted by a roast turkey that Rarity prepares in the background.
Mark Diamond draws a picture of Dazzle with a collar cutie mark.
Winona Dazzle and Winona chase each other's tails while Diamond enjoys Applejack's apple treats.
Angel Dazzle has a therapist-ordered playdate with Angel, and they play Yahtzee. Dazzle loses.
Tiberius In Dazzle's dream, Luna, Diamond, and Tiberius play with many differently colored versions of Dazzle.
Practice Diamond and Silver Spoon attempt to hold band practice, but Dazzle intervenes with some terrible singing.
Fox Dazzle drinks a potion and turns into a fox, much to Diamond's amusement.
Filthy and Dazzle For Dazzle's birthday, he and Filthy Rich go fishing.
Glaring For Dazzle's birthday, Diamond sets up a meet between him and some of his favorite childhood icons. (Part of a sub-series of images in which Dazzle is drawn in different art styles.)
Trick Diamond and Dazzle make a video audition for a "Got Milk?" ad. As part of a magic trick, Diamond drinks a gallon of milk, and Dazzle spits the milk in her face.
Change Follow-up to "Adventure" story arc. Diamond no longer has her cutie mark, and Dazzle defends her from potential harassers.
Tree Follow-up to "Visitor". Dazzle chases Peal up a tree.
Pajamas Peal takes pictures of Dazzle wearing embarrassing pajamas.
Zelda Peal joins Diamond and Dazzle's gaming sessions, with Dazzle and Peal arguing over who's the main character.
Stuffing Diamond, Dazzle, and Peal pig out on food together.
Bug Diamond hosts an "Iron Stomach" competition between Dazzle and Peal, but both of them are disqualified in the first round for refusing to eat a cockroach.
Prowl Dazzle and Peal prey on Owlowiscious, to Diamond's horror.
Duel Diamond and Peal play Duel Monsters using other pets to play as the monsters. Unfortunately, Dazzle is one of those pets.
Trap (animated) Peal suggests that Dazzle isn't as cute as he thinks he is. Dazzle proves her wrong.
Sneak Diamond and Dazzle appear clueless as they search for treasure while a snakelike Peal sneaks around in the shadows behind them.
Fluff Winona, Dazzle, and Opal come in first, second, and, third respectively in a 'Fluffiest Pet Competition'. Meanwhile, Diamond consoles a dejected Peal, who did not place.
Nap Dazzle stays up past his nap time playing video games after his family tried (and failed) to put him to sleep, all of them falling asleep themselves as a result.
Hug Dazzle glues collected reptile scales all over his body to prevent Silver from hugging him. Silver hugs him and Iggy together as Imperius licks the scales off him.
Nutrition Dazzle is weighed on a scale during his checkup, now weighing ten pounds. The vet is visibly upset with him.
Royalty Diamond and Dazzle scare Twilight and Spike with their presence.
Research Dazzle and Peal attend a therapy session and draw each other for Dr. Velvet.
Band Dazzle, Peal, Imperius, and Iggy perform on stage for Diamond and Silver, Peal taking the spotlight for herself.
Reminder Dazzle attempts to attack Discord as the Imp watches them from the shadows.
Rodeo Angel rides on Dazzle's back as the cat tries to buck him off. Diamond watches in amusement.
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger plays music for Diamond and Dazzle.
Snob Peal goes overboard critiquing all of the food in Diamond's fridge.
Catsup Dazzle pranks Peal in her sleep by dumping ketchup all over her face.
Alligator Dazzle and Peal are tied up and surrounded by alligators. Diamond is distressed.
Exhaustion An exhausted Diamond attempts to keep Dazzle and Peal occupied with toys.
Rainstorm Diamond gets consoled and comforted by Dazzle and Peal as a thunderstorm rages outside.
Cheese Diamond unintentionally humiliates Peal by offering to let her accept her new "identity" as a mouse.
Rest Dazzle and Peal fall asleep after playing together. Diamond records them sleeping.
Oversight The Imp watches Diamond and Dazzle from his lair, noting Dazzle's shaved tail.
Teamwork Dazzle and Peal work together to seize a cookie jar. Diamond is not amused.
Secret Peal reveals to Dazzle her secret desire to be a superhero. Diamond and Silver snoop behind them
Confidence Dazzle reveals to Peal his secret closet full of lucky trinkets.
Tea Diamond and Dazzle force Peal to have a tea party with Imperius.
Bath Dazzle and Peal are given a bath after being used as towels by their caretaker (the reader, as the result of a poll).
Pig Iggy shuts Peal out of his toy castle.
Stealth Diamond plays hide and seek with Dazzle and Peal, but decoys abound.
Mystery Diamond attempts to remove the strange mark on her flank by shaving it.
Cupcake Diamond/Dazzle and Spoiled/Peal share cupcakes in their own special ways.
A New Diamond?
Silver and Dazzle: Monday
Silver and Dazzle: Tuesday
Silver and Dazzle: Wednesday
Silver and Dazzle: Thursday
Silver and Dazzle: Friday
Silver and Dazzle: Saturday
Silver and Dazzle: Sunday


Main characters

Diamond Tiara

Adapted more or less from how she is depicted in the show, Diamond Tiara is a rich, spoiled Earth pony filly. However, she has occasional moments of genuine kindness, and Dazzle's presence serves to keep her somewhat grounded. As a child, she had an obsession with being different and unique, a trait that potentially carried over into her older self.


Diamond Tiara's "perfect, little kitty." An oddity of a domesticated animal, he shares many traits with canines (having been the only cat in a dog shelter). Mischievous, playful, and often a major pain in Diamond's butt, but deep down he loves her dearly. He is also shown to be very intelligent for a cat, being able to read and write, though he doesn't take kindly to being called one.

Major characters

Filthy Rich

Diamond Tiara's father and owner of the local retail store Barnyard Bargains. Never seen without his signature red tie and perpetually tired-looking eyes. He was the one who originally adopted Dazzle for his daughter's birthday and tried to convince her to keep him. He occasionally spends quality time with the two of them and has shown to be somewhat impressed with how Diamond has raised her kitty. 

Banana Peal

The yellow and white calling card and pet kitty of Diamond's Aunt Spoiled, with a penchant for giving her own food letter grades (usually mediocre ones.) As a kitten, Peal was timid and easily frightened, but she developed a more confident and snobbish personality after spending time with Dazzle. Being unable to meow, she wears a bell around her neck to get the attention of others. After becoming close friends with Dazzle, she begins to be a bit more friendly and playful around him. Diamond loves having Peal around, but doesn't particularly care for how Dazzle has been rubbing off on her. 


While still currently unnamed and rarely seen, the Imp is a purple demon-like creature who can only be seen by those who use his technology (computers, video games, cell phones, etc.) True to his name, he enjoys causing mischief and has quite a sadistic sense of humor, going so far as to steal four things Diamond treasures to see what she likes the most. He is apparently not the only of his kind, and he may or may not be the leader of his species. He appears to have some kind of alliance with Discord and has shown to possess various magical powers similar to Discord's including shapeshifting, teleportation, and the ability to reach his arm through a telephone.

Silver Spoon

Diamond Tiara's best friend and classmate, also adapted from how she is depicted in the show. Similar to Diamond, Silver is a rich, spoiled Earth pony filly, but distinguishes herself by her intense love of animals and generally more optimistic outlook. Much like Dazzle, she cares deeply about Diamond's well-being and doesn't like to see her sad. She finds Dazzle ridiculously cute, to the point of frightening him when she gets too close. She's also shown to be rather devious when she gets a plan in her head.


Silver Spoon's pet puppy, imagined by MustLoveFrogs. A relatively large puppy, almost the size of Silver, Imperius appears to be quite friendly, showing no ill will towards anyone he's met, even the cats. In fact, he clearly seems to be upset that Peal is afraid of him. He shows loyalty to his owner, following any instructions she gives him without question. He also greatly enjoys receiving affection from her, though he's curiously never once licked her face as a typical puppy would.


Silver Spoon's pet iguana, imagined by FossilDiggerPegasus. A relatively large green iguana, almost the size of Dazzle, Iggy seems greatly attached to his owner, hiding behind her neck when placed in an unfamiliar situation. He shows loyalty and affection towards Silver, licking her face and following her instructions without question. He seems to have a wild imagination, imagining Peal as some kind of fire monster when he first meets her, and he seems to have an interest in video games, if Silver's claim that he owns a VR helmet is to be believed.

Minor characters


Diamond Tiara's elderly butler. As the only known servant in the Diamond household (aside from Dazzle), Randolph is tasked with handling mundane tasks that inconvenience Diamond's family. Though he's only made a handful of appearances in the series so far, he seems to be relatively close to the family he serves, showing sympathy to a brokenhearted Dazzle and even participating in family game night. He has yet to speak a word, and may possibly be mute.

Diamond's mother

Though never actually making a visual appearance, Diamond's mom has been referenced multiple times in the series, even as far back as the first comic. She generally is shown to be filming scenes on a video camera as they take place, the audience viewing the scene through her camera's perspective whenever she's around. She is implied to be incredibly shy and often using her camera to record things and take pictures. Like Randolph, she has never had any speaking lines.

Aunt Spoiled

Peal's owner and Filthy Rich's sister. An aloof green Earth pony that shares her kitty's penchant for critiquing things with letter grades, even when not on the job. She made her first appearance picking up Peal after leaving Diamond to look after the kitty for a time. Though little about her character has been revealed, she has shown to approve of Peal dressing up as a ninja, even ignoring her cat's shaved tail.

Animated series

An animated adaptation of Diamond and Dazzle by GamerSpax is in production,[1] with YoshiGreenwater as the lead animator. Thus far, Tomoyo Ichijouji has been cast in the role of Diamond Tiara, and GamerSpax will be voicing Dazzle.

External links


  1. MagerBlutooth (2015-02-08). Diamond and Dazzle: Animated. DeviantART. Retrieved on 2015 February 25.

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