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Ponies on desktop

Desktop Ponies in action

Desktop Ponies is an application where some of the ponies from My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic will walk around your screen while acting out some small scenes from the series. It was created by an unknown user on the Ponychan website.

Available ponies

The most recent version of Desktop ponies lists 109 ponies, each with their own animations and sounds.


Most ponies will not interact with each other unless they did so in an episode, such as when Pinkie Pie follows Rainbow Dash in her Candy 'Copter, or when Gilda and Rainbow Dash sing the Junior Speedsters Chant.


The sounds in the Desktop Ponies application are set very low to avoid blaring speakers, although the most current version's (as of March 4, 2012) sound system appears to be broken.


Most ponies will occasionally speak while out on your screen. They will only say phrases from the series, and if the sound isn't on, it will appear in a text box above their heads.


  • Filly versions of the mane six appear in the executable files.
  • The 80's version of Cheerilee appears in the executable files.
  • Gala versions of the mane six appear in the exectuable files.
  • The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well appears in the exectuable files, although her name is listed only as Mysterious Mare.
  • Screwball, the pink pony seen flying through the air during Discord's rampage, appears in the exectuable files.
  • Too many ponies will overload your computer and cause it to crash.
  • Filly versions of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna appear in the exectuable files.
  • One of Pinkie Pie's animations is her Pinkie Sense, where she will put on an umbrella hat and dodge a falling Tom, despite Tom never appearing in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen.
  • Many users complain about ponies getting in their way, so a new version where the ponies stay away from your cursor was created. It can be found here.
  • When you hover over the ponies with your cursor, many will simply stand there, but Pinkie Pie gives you the stare from the end of Bridle Gossip.
  • The Princess Luna sprite was used in the infamous Luna Game series.

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