Derpy's Wings is a compilation album of music by members of the forum My Little Remix. The album encouraged the partipants to step outside of their comfort zone, to try new ideas, and create something that is wholly yours and innovative. Due to the popularity of the projects there is a second edition currently underway on MLR.

Derpy's Wings (Vol. 1)

Derpy's Wings Vol.1
A1109698849 10
Compilation album
Released January 1, 2013
Length 74:65
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Hooves Up High (Meditation Mode)" Aoshi 4:31
2. "Everypony Loves Trixie" Element6 4:03
3. "Pastel Horses" Wavexxy 4:49
4. "Take to the sky" Eros 5:03
5. "Wings of Dreams" Flaofei 5:11
6. "Starstruck" Nine Volt 4:21
7. "Under Her Wing (feat. Aldo)" Rainboom 5:06
8. "Cloudchaser" Ruka 3:58
9. "Love Poison" Sai 5:05
10. "Show me love" Synesthetic 5:24
11. "Cloudsdale Air" Syztem 3:28
12. "Bring the Beginning" Tuner Symphon 4:56
13. "Flying Free (feat. FIMProv)" Tuner Symphon 4:13
14. "On a White Road" UnderKeel 4:17
15. "The Forest Around" UnderKeel 3:47
16. "Luna Enters Your Mind At Night" Viricide Filly 3:54
17. "Dreaming" Faded Silhouette 5:39
Total length: 74:65

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