Delta Brony
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Other names Andrew Green
Theta Brony
Sigma Brony
Omega Brony
Active since June 2011
Known as Musician
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Delta Brony is a brony musician from South Carolina who composes remixes of songs featured in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. He specializes mostly in "pony crossover music"—remixes that crossover series songs with songs from various other sources—and his genres of preference are typically Eurobeat, dubstep, and orchestral.

In regards to his original musical pieces, Delta Brony is prominent for releasing songs based on My Little Pony episodes mere hours after they premiere.

Super Ponybeat ~Ultimate Cross~

Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross album cover

Super Ponybeat ~Ultimate Cross~ cover.

Inspired by Eurobeat Brony's similarly-titled "Super Ponybeat" series of remixes, one of Delta Brony's more well-known contributions to the pony music scene is Super Ponybeat ~Ultimate Cross~, an album of Eurobeat-remixed pony songs that incorporate tunes and musical cues from popular video game series and franchises.
2012-12-24 Super Ponybeat ~Ultimate Cross~ Main Theme 3:16 Super Mario Bros.
Sonic Colors
The Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy
2012-12-25 Brilliant 2 The Evil Enchantress 3:57 Dance Dance Revolution
2012-12-28 Pinkie Pie Circuit 5:48 Mario Kart Wii
2012-12-29 Rainbow Speed Car 5:39 Initial D
2013-01-01 Hop, Skip, Donut Lifts!! 4:12 Yoshi's Island
2013-01-05 Art of the Dress (Euro Daytona Mix) 5:49 Daytona USA
2013-01-07 Applejack Circuit 5:01 Mario Kart Wii
2013-01-13 Fluttershy Sanctuary 6:06 Sonic Generations
2013-01-13 Twilight Sparkle's Ice World 5:38 Mario Kart 7
2013-01-20 Discord (Euro Touhou Mix) 6:57 Eurobeat Brony's "Discord (EuroChaos Mix)"
2013-01-21 Rainbow Factory (Euro Nightmare Mix) 5:29 WoodenToaster's "Rainbow Factory"
Donkey Kong 64
2013-01-25 Magic Duel (Euro Showdown Mix) 4:30 Original composition
2013-01-25 Nightmare Moon (Euro Boss Battle) 5:51 Eurobeat Brony's "Luna (NIGHTMARE MODE)"
2013-01-26 This Day Aria (Euro Solar Sector Mix) 7:27 Touhou
2013-01-28 King Sombra (Euro Darkness Mix) 7:28 Mario Kart Wii

Super Pony Flash - Eurobeat Is Magic

Delta Brony's second Eurobeat album Super Pony Flash - Eurobeat Is Magic consists of remixes of various series songs and popular pieces of brony-produced music.

2013-02-09 Fluttershout and Rarifruit (Max Horror Mix) 4:08
2013-02-10 Twilightlicious (Super Eurobeat Mix) 4:05 Based on "Twilightlicious"
2013-02-12 Daring Do (Eurobeat Jungle Mix) 5:17
2013-02-17 A True True Friend (Elemental Eurobeat Mix) 4:32
2013-02-22 I've Got To Find A Way (Italo Liquid Pride Mix) 3:24
2013-02-22 Twenty Ten (Elite Eurobeat Mix) 3:43
2013-02-23 For The New Lunar Republic (Super Eurobeat Mix) 4:54 Based on NotACleverPony's "For The New Lunar Republic"
2013-03-01 The Solar Empire (Super Eurobeat Mix) 5:06
2013-03-01 (EUROBEAT BOSS BATTLE) Eurobeat Pegasister 5:02
2013-03-05 Battle of the Ponymon (Hyper Eurobeat Mix) 4:05 Inspired by Pokemon Re-enacted by Ponies
2013-03-08 (EUROBEAT BOSS BATTLE) The Living Tombstone and Glaze 4:15
2013-03-22 Gypsy Bard (Super Euro Version) 3:08 Based on "Gypsy Bard" from Friendship is Witchcraft
2013-03-22 Cloudsdale EVOLVED (Super Eurobeat Mix) 2:59 Based on xRGTMx underground's "Cloudsdale EVOLVED"
2013-03-27 Pinkie Pie's Welcome Song (Excitement Mix) 2:41
2013-03-28 Pony Pokey (Pony Para Mix) 3:17
2013-04-01 Powerpuff Rainboom (Crossover Euro Mix) 3:25 Inspired by Double Rainboom
2013-04-19 Aviators - Friendship (Cosmic Eurobeat Mix) 4:41 Based on Aviators's "Friendship"

My Little Dubstep: Wubs is Magic

My Little Dubstep: Wubs is Magic is a mini-album released by Delta Brony that consists of several dubstep tracks, some original compositions, others remixes.

2013-03-09 Ponystep in Ponyville 5:07 Inspired by Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville
2013-03-12 Hidden Changeling 5:57 Based on Sonic Adventure 2
2013-04-07 In For The Kill (Octavia vs. Vinyl Scratch Remix) 8:19 Based on La Roux's "In For the Kill"
2013-04-09 Morning in Ponyville (Delta Brony Dubstep Remix) 5:02
2013-04-14 Assertive Fluttershy - Boooring! (20% Cooler Remix) 6:33 Based on Assertive Fluttershy's "Boooring!"
2013-05-19 Pinkie Pie's Extreme Measures 4:58

Other music

Based on...
2012-02-24 Rainbow Road ~Pinkie Pie Smile Remix~ 3:45 Mario Kart
2012-03-21 Cloudsdale Sanctuary 4:31 Sonic & Knuckles
2012-03-23 Bowser's Castle ~Nightmare Moon and Discord Remix~ 3:57 Mario Kart
2012-03-24 Rosalina's Ice World ~Winter Wrap Up Remix~ 2:44 Mario Kart
2012-03-26 Wario Shipyard ~Pinkie Pie Aerobics Remix~ 3:15 Mario Kart
2012-03-28 Toad Circuit and Mario Circuit ~Pinkie Pie GP Remix~ 3:57 Mario Kart
2012-03-29 Wuhu Loop and Maka Wuhu ~At The Gala Remix~ 2:58 Mario Kart
2012-04-02 Music Park ~Flim Flam Bros. Remix~ 2:27 Mario Kart
2012-04-02 Neo Bowser City ~The Great and Powerful Trixie Remix~ 3:12 Mario Kart
2012-04-07 Rainbow Road ~Pinkie Pie's True Smile Remix~ 3:55 Revised version of "Rainbow Road ~Pinkie Pie Smile Remix~"; also based on Eurobeat Brony's "Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix)"
2012-04-14 Smile, Smile, Smile! ~Fascination MAXX Mix~ 4:13 Dance Dance Revolution
2012-04-17 Everfree Forest Frenzy 4:28 Donkey Kong Country
2012-04-18 Daring-Do and The City of Sandopolis 4:57 Sonic & Knuckles
2012-04-19 Fluttershy's Flight at the Flying Battery Zone 3:46 Sonic & Knuckles
2012-04-20 Stickerbrush Symphony At The Gala 7:22 Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-04-23 Changeling Showdown ~Queen Chrysalis Boss Theme~ 5:36
2012-04-27 Royal Canterlot Training ~Twilight vs. Shining Armor Trainer Battle Theme~ 2:32
2012;04-28 Demon Resident Mine Cart ~Queen Chrysalis Remix~ 3:59 Donkey Kong 64
2012-04-30 Queen Chrysalis' Puzzle in the Caves 6:04 Donkey Kong 64
2012-05-01 Super Pinkie ~Surprise Pinkie Pie's Theme~ 1:11
2012-05-01 This Day Aria ~Queen Chrysalis Doomsday Mix~ 3:50 Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Donkey Kong 64
2012-05-02 Pinkie Pie's Frolic through Mushroom Hill 5:15 Sonic & Knuckles
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic Adventure
2012-05-08 This Day Aria vs. Smile, Smile, Smile!! ~Maximum DDR Mix~ 7:21 Dance Dance Revolution
2012-05-12 Final Day Area ~Queen Chrysalis Final Boss Battle Theme~ 7:58
2012-05-19 Winter Wrap Up at the Ice Cap Zone 4:30 Sonic the Hedgehog 3
2012-05-21 Love Is In Bloom ~Super Street Fighter II Remix~ 5:28 Street Fighter II
2012-05-23 Sonic Rainboom!! ~Rainbow Dash and Guile's Theme~ 4:12 Street Fighter II
2012-05-29 This Day Aria ~Death Egg Mk. II Final Boss Remix~ 6:06 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
2012-05-31 Pluto Aria ~Queen Chrysalis DDR Mix~ 5:33 Dance Dance Revolution
2012-06-18 Big Bad Queen Chrysalis 5:36 Yoshi's Island
2012-06-21 Vinyl Scratch's Disco Train 5:46 Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-06-23 Rainbow Fear Factory 5:45 WoodenToaster's "Rainbow Factory"
Donkey Kong Country
2012-06-27 This Day Aria ~Dark Forest Maze Remix~ 6:57 Super Mario RPG
The Legend of Zelda
2012-07-03 Rarity's Underwater Tour at the Hydrocity Zone 4:22 Sonic 3 & Knuckles
2012-07-10 City Escape at the Gala 4:27 Sonic Generations
2012-07-11 Discord's March 4:45 Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-07-12 Luna (Flight of the Zinger Mode) 5:39 Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-07-16 This Day Aria (Fungi Forest Boss Remix) 5:15 Donkey Kong 64
2012-07-17 Special Zone (Crystal Fair Remix) 4:21 Super Mario World
2012-07-17 White Park Act 2 (Pinkie Pie's Smile Remix) 3:38 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
2012-07-23 Crocodile Cacophony (Discord and Chrysalis Remix) 5:50 Eurobeat Brony's "Discord (EuroChaos Mix)"
Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-07-24 Smile, Smile, Smile! (deltaMAX Remix) 2:06 Dance Dance Revolution
2012-07-25 Queen Chrysalis and Bowser's Castle Showdown 6:42 Super Mario World
2012-07-26 Love Is In Bloom (His World Remix) ~Queen Chrysalis Final Boss Theme pt. 2~ 5:31 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
2012-07-30 Smile, Smile, Smile! (Final Justice Mix) 2:40 Marvel vs. Capcom 3
2012-07-30 Discord (Frantic Factory Boss Remix) 5:21 Eurobeat Brony's "Discord (EuroChaos Mix)"
Donkey Kong 64
2012-08-01 Stardust Speedway (Changeling Future Remix) 3:09 Sonic Generations
2012-08-02 Theme of Shadow Rush 2:17
2012-08-03 This Day Aria (Venom Boss Remix) 2:38 Star Fox
2012-08-06 My Little Pony: F-Zero is Magic 6:11 F-Zero
2012-08-08 Fighting is Magic - Queen Chrysalis Theme 6:05 Fighting is Magic
2012-08-09 Fighting is Magic - Nightmare Moon Theme 4:23 Fighting is Magic
2012-08-10 Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Theme 4:03 Fighting is Magic
2012-08-11 Spaceport Pinkie ~Party With Pinkie in Space~ 4:16 Alex S.'s "Party With Pinkie"
Diddy Kong Racing
2012-08-14 Party With Pinkie At Planet Wisp 6:18 Alex S.'s "Party With Pinkie"
Sonic Colors
2012-08-15 Metal Gear Twilight 5:59 Metal Gear Solid
2012-08-17 Find A Pet Clanker 5:44 Banjo-Kazooie
2012-08-20 Trixie's Magic At The Carnival Night Zone 6:07 The Living Tombstone's "Magic"
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
2012-09-08 Reach For the Elements of Harmony 5:28 Sonic Colors
2012-09-11 This Day Aria (Super Mario Galaxy Orchestral Remix) 7:06 Super Mario Galaxy
2012-09-15 Star Pinkie Pie Boss Battle Theme 4:37 Star Fox 64
2012-09-15 Star Trixie Battle Theme 6:34 Star Fox 64
2012-09-24 Smile at the 4th Wall 3:57 Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Street Fighter
2012-09-29 Fluttershy's Ship Hold 6:47 Donkey Kong Country 2
2012-10-02 Pinkamena's Haunted Hall 7:26 Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong 64
2012-10-13 King Sombra Boss Battle Theme 5:05 Donkey Kong 64
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
2012-10-26 Discord (Egg Dragoon Remix) 6:33 Eurobeat Brony's "Discord (EuroChaos Mix)"
Sonic Unleashed
2012-10-27 Super Rainbow Dash's Theme 4:55
2012-11-12 King Sombra EVOLVED 3:24
2012-11-15 Nuclear Changeling Fusion 6:25 Touhou
2012-11-16 White Ranger Tiger Power (20% Cooler Remix) 3:39 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2012-11-27 The Evil and Powerful Trixie Boss Battle Theme 4:35
2013-03-16 MvC Player Select Theme (MLP Remix) 0:51 Marvel vs. Capcom
2013-04-19 Applejack and Timberwolves of Talbain 3:54 Darkstalkers
2013-04-20 Werelight Shine at Apotos 8:03 Twilight Unbound
Sonic Unleashed
2013-04-23 Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy at the Special Stage 4:43 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
2013-05-03 Dark Chan Boss Battle Theme 4:03
2013-05-17 Rina Chan's Theme 4:22
2013-06-07 Pony Rock Anthem (Delta Brony Dubstep Remix) 5:37 "Pony Rock Anthem"
2013-06-17 Dark Generosity (Nightmare Rarity Boss Battle Theme) 5:41 Nightmare Rarity
2013-06-24 Hooves Up High (Delta Brony Remix) 4:38 Silva Hound's "Hooves Up High"
2013-05-29 Party With Pinkie (Wrapped In Pink Remix) 5:19 Silva Hound's "Party With Pinkie"
Sonic Rush
2013-07-14 What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (Treasure Trove Cove Remix) 4:09 Banjo-Kazooie
2013-07-27 Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Endless Possibilities Remix) 5:28 Sonic Unleashed
2013-08-07 Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Delta Brony Remix) 5:06
2013-09-06 Cupcakes (Sugarcube-D Mix) 3:43
2013-09-14 Mecha Mane 6 Boss Battle Theme 4:03
2013-09-20 The Flim Flam Brothers (Super EuroSqueezy Mix) 5:03
2013-09-20 This Day Aria (Draining Love Mix) 4:10
2013-09-23 Smile, Smile, Smile! (Pinkie's Finale Mix) 6:33
2013-09-27 The Mane 6 vs. Delta Brony at the Final Destination 5:21 Super Smash Bros. Melee
2013-10-06 Dark Taralicious (Evil Tara Strong's Theme) 6:39
2013-10-11 Ultimate Chrysalis 6:22 Super Mario 64
2013-10-18 Delta Brony's Stardust Battle 4:02
2013-10-25 Nightmare Night (Haunted Symphony Remix) 5:35 WoodenToaster and Mic The Microphone's "Nightmare Night"
2013-10-26 Dark Chan vs. Rina Chan (Hooves Up High x Akuma Remix) 7:00 Silva Hound's "Hooves Up High"
Street Fighter
2013-10-26 Final Battle For Equestria (Omega Brony and Dark Chan Final Boss Theme) 6:00
2013-10-26 A True, True Friend (Final Boss Remix) 5:08
2013-11-16 Pinkie Pie Style (Delta Brony Remix) 4:40 PhillyPu's "Pinkie Pie Style"
2013-11-24 Everfree Forest Interlude 7:30 Donkey Kong Country 2
2013-11-25 Princess Twilight Sparkle vs. The Dark Vines 6:59
2013-11-29 Theme of The Tree of Harmony 3:00
2013-12-01 Castle Mane-ia - The Pony of Shadows 6:22 Castlevania
2013-12-14 Hearts as Strong as Horses (Eurobeat Strength Mix) 3:34
2013-12-20 Sherbert Land (Hearth's Warming Eve Special Remix) 5:29 Mario Kart Double Dash
2013-12-21 Mighty Morphin' Power Ponies Theme 5:04 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2013-12-21 The Mane-iac Boss Battle Theme 3:41
2014-01-07 Rarity's Generosity Song (Delta Brony Remix) 4:19
2014-01-11 Apples To The Core (Kalamari Desert Mix) 4:25 Mario Kart 64
2014-01-21 Princess Twilight Sparkle's Special Stage 3:44 Sonic 3 & Knuckles
2014-01-25 Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence vs. The Tatzlwurm 4:09
2014-01-26 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence and the Wrath of the Molgera 5:29 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2014-01-31 Ribbon Road (Pinkie Pride Remix) 3:51 Mario Kart
2014-02-07 Make A Wish (Delta Brony Remix) 5:27
2014-02-08 Flutterborn (Delta Brony Remix) 5:48 Skyrim
2014-02-15 Got The Music In You (Delta's Jazzy Remix) 2:38
2014-03-01 Touch Fuzzy Get Breezie 5:33 Yoshi's Island
2014-03-08 Apple Bloom's Bayou Boogie 4:36 Donkey Kong Country 2
2014-03-09 A True, True Friend (Koopa Cape Remix) 4:38 Mario Kart
2014-03-11 Quest (Delta Brony Remix) 7:01 BlackGryph0n and Baasik's "Quest"
2014-03-21 Party Kannon's Klaim 4:42 Donkey Kong Country 2
2013-03-29 Bubblegloop Swamp (Flim Flam Tonic Remix) 5:44 Banjo-Kazooie
2014-04-10 Batty (Eggman Boss Remix) 7:20 Eurobeat Brony's "Batty"
Sonic Unleashed
2014-04-11 Pinkie's Pumpkin Soup 5:13 Sonic Adventure 2
2014-04-26 Art of Manifestation (Corrupted Rarity's Orchestrated Theme) 4:38
2014-04-29 Dance of Illusions (Stop The Bats Remix) 6:29 Castlevania
2014-05-03 Equestria Wyvern (Egg Wyvern x MLP FiM Boss Mix) 8:36 Sonic the Hedgehog
2014-05-03 Mario and Sonic at the Crystal Empire Equestria Games (Ceremonial Theme) 2:31 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
2014-05-10 Tirek Boss Battle Theme 3:30
2014-05-10 You'll Play Your Part (Final Boss Remix) 7:31
2014-05-13 Let The Rainbow Remind You (Rainbow Road Mix) 8:21 Mario Kart
2014-05-21 Princess Twilight Sparkle's Terminal Velocity 6:10 Sonic Colors
2014-06-21 Rainbow Dash Flies Through Crisis City 5:08 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
2014-07-16 Twilight's Turnpike 6:51 Mario Kart
2014-08-13 Rarity's Harbor 4:29 Mario Kart 8
2014-08-14 Fluttershy in Thwomp Ruins 5:17 Mario Kart 8
2014-08-14 Pinkie's Electrodrome 3:51 Mario Kart 8
2014-08-15 Cloudsdale Cruise 8:51 Mario Kart 8

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