Decibelle's OC
Other names Mirisha Lottich
Known as Voice actress
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Mirisha Lottich, also known as Decibelle, is a voice actress and singer. She primarily voices Applejack and Derpy Hooves.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-04-13 Turnabout Storm Part 3 - Phoenix Applejack NeoArtimus
2012-09-08 Turnabout Storm Part 3 - Twilight Lenora NeoArtimus
2012-12-24 Derpy's Christmas Letter Derpy Hooves Forest Rain
2013-10-25 Turnabout Storm Part 5 Applejack
2015 Journey of the Spark Applejack Violet Ridenour

Musical work

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-04-30 The Massive Smile Project 3:50 Collab with various artists
2012-08-30 Great to be Different 6:31 Collab with Forest Rain
Vocals for Derpy Hooves
2013-08-24 Spa Groove 3:04 Collab with vladnuke
2013-09-18 Spirits 5:12 Collab with SlyphStorm

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