David Larsen
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Other names David Gruwier Larsen
Active since January 2010
Known as Musician
Sound designer
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David Larsen is a musician and sound artist from Denmark. He is known for lending his talents to a number of My Little Pony fan works, most notably Double Rainboom.

Audio work

Published Title Credit Creator
Epic Pony Rap Battles of Equestria Composition (#2 and #3) Mic The Microphone
2013-02-15 Just Can't Wait to Have Wings Sound mixing Meredith Sims
2013-03-30 Double Rainboom Sound design, theme song Zachary Rich
2013-12-07 PONIES: The Anthology III "Paper Mario Intro" score JHaller
2015 Journey of the Spark Sound design Violet Ridenour

Selection of music

Published Title Length Notes
2011-04-04 Pinkie Pie's No fear Song - Piano Cover 1:12 Original by Daniel Ingram
2011-04-18 Vanquishing the Ursa Minor 1:10 Original by William Anderson
2011-06-12 Winter Wrapped Up Instrumental cover 2:17 For Fiends from Dream Valley; original by Daniel Ingram
2011-06-28 My Little Portal GLaDOS theme song 1:12
2011-10-01 Ragtime storybook theme 0:52 For "Fiends from Dream Valley" update videos
2011-10-01 Night Sky 3:46
2012-04-01 Zenith 1:56
2012-05-04 Magic 4:59
2012-05-16 Dreams 3:08
2012-05-31 Ecdysis 3:20
2012-08-18 Invasion 4:00
2012-08-18 Frozen North 6:16
2012-12-03 Anthropology - Orchestral version 2:13 Original by AwkwardMarina
2013-01-27 Aeons 3:54
2013-02-16 Friendship 1:02 For GalaxyArt's "Eternity's End"
2013-03-10 Ether 3:41
2013-03-16 Fiends 2:27 For "Fiends from Dream Valley"
2013-06-22 Laugh, Ponyacci, Laugh 1:31 Request by Ted Anderson