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d.notive is an American musician who has been active since at least November 2011. He specializes in Synthpop and House, but backs it up with his singing voice. He's been featured in multiple songs with other artists such as PrinceWhateverer, Feather Zahqo, and Aviators. In 2013, he released an album of his fan music called The Fantasy.


d.notive himself has had more limited reception in comparison to Aviators or other widely subscribed-to musicians. An interview with more information can be found on [1]

Let Your Mane Down

Let Your Mane Down
Composition d.notive
Lyrics d.notive
Vocals d.notive
Instruments d.notive (Cakewalk Sonar)
Published November 13, 2011
Duration 5:08

Let Your Mane Down was the first official song that d.notive released, and is based on S02 E05 "The Sisterhooves Social." The intro is made up of lines from Sweetie Belle that are found in the episode.

Hand for Hoof

Hand for Hoof
Composition d.notive
Lyrics d.notive (Primary) and Zahqo (secondary)
Vocals d.notive and Zahqo
Instruments d.notive (Cakewalk Sonar) and Zahqo (FL Studio)
Published December 21, 2011
Duration 5:11

Hand For Hoof is the first collaboration between d.notive and Zahqo (hence the opening Zahqo meets d.notive). While the song is not about any specific fanfic, it uses and was based loosely on ideas of the fanfic The Conversion Bureau ; according to d.notive it is a personal adaptation. Primary production for this song is credited to Zahqo, however the lyrics and composition are d.notive's work. [2]

Selection of other songs

2013-07-28 It's Not Over 5:44 80's R&B Collaboration with Feather
2012-02-06 Vicious Lies 4:55 Synthpop "Depeche Mode Imitation"
2013-01-30 The Apology 4:39 R&B


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