FiW: Cute From The Hip
Creator(s) SherclopPones
Date added November 2, 2011
Duration 15:01
Part of Friendship is Witchcraft
Show connection Call of the Cutie

Dragone Baby Gone

Neigh, Soul Sister

Cute From The Hip is the fourth episode of Friendship is Witchcraft. It uses video material from the episode Call of the Cutie.


The episode begins with Cheerilee teaching Apple Bloom and a number of other children about robots. According to her, some very lifelike robots live in Ponyville unaware of their mechanical nature, and should be reported immediately when discovered, as they can be dangerous when they discover what they really are. Apple Bloom has other worries: Diamond Tiara is holding a Mark Mitzvah thanks to getting her cutie mark, and is rubbing it in Apple Bloom's face (who does not have a cutie mark yet, and who would be unable to hold a Mark Mitzvah of her own, since Applejack refuses to switch religions).

After both Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's attempts to get the filly her cutie mark prove unsuccessful, Pinkie enlists her help in preparing a magic spell. As we learn via flashbacks to "The Perfect Swarm" and Bridle Gossip, the other ponies' constant wrongful accusations that Pinkie was practicing illegal gypsy magic have given her an idea: learn magic and open a portal to the past so that she can save her parents from being killed.

Pinkie does not appear to be successful; Pinkie and (after a delay) Apple Bloom get teleported to Diamond Tiara's party instead. When being insulted by Diamond Tiara, she is defended by Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, the latter of whom speaks in an obviously robotic voice.

Twilight, who has wandered into the party, is reminded of her own days as a filly, illustrated with clips from The Cutie Mark Chronicles. In the final scene, Celestia reads her friendship report and sighs audibly when hearing that Twilight intends to send her a letter "every single day, for the rest of [her] life".

Pinkie's Brew

Pinkie's spellcasting is accompanied by a song. An extended version of "Pinkie's Brew" has been posted on Sherclop Pones YouTube channel; the lyrics contain yet another reference to Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, and a reference to the seaponies from the G1 My Little Pony generation. The extended version was written after the episode was released.[1]

It is one of the most remixed and covered original songs in the Friendship is Magic fandom.[specify]


  1. February 7 interview with Sherclop Pones, 28:57-30:33

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