Cupcakes: The Z.A.T War
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Writer(s) Josh Knox
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Horror
Featuring Applejack
John Craz3
King Sombra
Mike Sniper
Pinkie Pie
Princess Cadance
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Queen Chrysalis
Rainbow Dash
Shining Armor
Twilight Sparkle
Part of Cupcakes 2 - 6
Based on Cupcakes
Related to Cupcakes 2 - 6
Show connection A Canterlot Wedding
The Crystal Empire
Magical Mystery Cure
Story link(s)
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Cupcakes: the ZAT War is a fanfiction by craz3br0ny consisted of eighteen chapters that he heavily based of "the Call of Duty Franchise" "the Gears of War Trilogy" and "the Halo Franchise"

This is the story following the movies and games "Cupcakes 2 through 6" and it also follows the characters back-story.


The story starts at the Canterlot Wedding, way before the "ZAT" war stared, then goes to the characters' back-story, then after that, it follows Cupcakes 2 through 6.




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