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Consort of Allegiance is a My Little Pony inspired extreme metal project founded by British metal musician nicknamed as 'ArrogantPony'. Consort of Allegiance's range of music released vastly through his Soundcloud page mainly consists of original material, as well as some covers of songs of both the pony and non-pony variety.

The Savage Dissension

The Savage Dissension
Creator(s) Consort of Allegiance
Instruments ArrogantPony
Published Oct 5, 2013
Duration 42:19
Type/genre Experimental Deathcore, Mathcore
  1. APPLE.MP3 (2:38)
  2. DRESS.MP3 (3:57)
  3. SHED.MP3 (4:42)
  4. MAGIC.MP3 (7:00)
  5. PARTY.MP3 (8:26)
  6. SWAG.MP3
    1. Ponyville's Passing (5:01)
    2. The Slaughter of the Serpent (6:17)
    3. The Fruits of Defeat (4:08)

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