Andrew Crumly, known by the alias Colortwelve, is an American multi-genre producer based in Los Angeles, California. While relatively unknown, he has received some recognition from his work with vocalists such as Ibeabronyrapper and Rhyme Flow.


Colortwelve began producing in early 2012, finishing several tracks before beginning to publish his work. The oldest track on his Youtube channel, a remix of Cyrricky's "Nightmare Night," was uploaded April 18, 2012. From there, he went on to participate in the first volume of the Lesser Knowns project, which introduced him to several of his now frequent collaborators.

After participating in TLK, Colortwelve began to search for collaborators more frequently. His first post-TLK single, "Streets of Manehattan," was released in June, and featured Kyoga on guitar and Ibeabronyrapper, fresh from his work with The Living Tombstone, on vocals. Shortly after, Colortwelve met the rapper Rhyme Flow, and quickly produced two collaborative singles: a remix of Lenich's cover of "Pinkie's Brew" and an original track entitled "Ascension." On August 15, Colortwelve released his debut album, The Undeserved Album, including "Streets" and "Ascension" as well as a vocal version of his TLK track with Gryfinz, now entitled "Vigilante."

Following Undeserved, Colortwelve attempted to refine his production style and sound coherency, resulting in the Issues EP. Although he intended establish himself as a house producer with this release, he nevertheless continued to produce other genres such as hip-hop and IDM, and his second album, a collaboration with Vladnuke entitled Stalliongrad, features only two house tracks.

On April 18, 2013, Colortwelve released the track "Distant Relatives" in celebration of producing music for a full year. The track includes several musical references to one of the first tracks he completed, "Everfree," and was included in the compilation album Beyond Our Reach. Colortwelve also intends to include the track on his upcoming third album, Rose Colored Glasses.





Year Title Release
2012 "Streets of Manehattan" (ft. Kyoga & Ibeabronyrapper) The Undeserved Album
"Ascension" (ft. Rhyme Flow) The Undeserved Album
"Migration" Rose Colored Glasses
"Pinecones" (ft. IdLike2BeATree) N/A
"Lighting the Sun" Soft Spectrum
"Ex Favilla" Rose Colored Glasses
"Stylish But Irrelevant" (with Vladnuke) Stalliongrad
2013 "I've Probably Got Issues" Rose Colored Glasses
"Classy" (with LFP) Rose Colored Glasses
"Distant Relatives" Beyond Our Reach


Year Title Original artist Release
2012 "Nightmare Night (Colortwelve remix)" Cyrricky The Inside Part
"If Equestria Burns (Colortwelve edit)" Kyoga N/A
"Silverstar (Colortwelve remix)" Belgerum The Lesser Knowns
"Artificial Perfection (Colortwelve remix)" No Fallen Mare Artificial Perfection
"Fear of the Dark (Colortwelve remix)" Iron Maiden N/A
"The Turnip Lady (Colortwelve remix) Acrylia Issues EP
"My Cadence (Colortwelve remix)" Matthew Mosier N/A
2013 "Hell's Kitchen" (Cover) Dream Theater N/A
"One Hope Remains (Colortwelve remix)" Legion This Platform
"Intension (Colortwelve remix)" Tool Rose Colored Glasses

Other appearances

Year Title Artist Release
2012 "Brew (The Prequel)" Rhyme Flow N/A
"Scootaloo's Problems" Flutterbully The Lesser Knowns
"Vigilante" Gryfinz The Undeserved Album
"Twilight's Serenade" Agile Dash & Ibeabronyrapper Hollows

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