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Coconeru is an American musician and voice actor. He often sings covers of pre-existing songs but can also make original music.

A Tropical Octav3

A Tropical Octav3
Creator(s) Coconeru
Published October 16, 2012
Duration 2:20

A Tropical Octav3 is an instrumental. The video depicts vectors of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia dancing on a tropical island after being left stranded. The background shows a disheveled Octavia and smiling Vinyl reacting differently to the situation. KanashiiPanda provides the animation while Acesential provides the background art. The video was featured on Equestria Daily.[1] It is the most viewed original music on Coconeru's channel with over 400,000 views as of April 17, 2014.

On February 19, 2013, a rap based on the instrumental was made by Steven, A.D.[2][3] It uses the instrumental while lyrics represent the alternate viewpoints of Octavia and Vinyl similar to those in the background art of the original music. A music video based on the rap was made by AnimatedJames and has garnered over one million views as well as become featured on EQD.[4][5]

Other compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-04-28 Kickin' Clouds 3:37 Collab with SandvichParty
2012-05-11 Controlled Chaos 4:01
2012-06-01 Oh Lyra 3:22
2012-06-04 Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo 2:32
2013-01-12 Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days 4:53 Collab with Hannah May
2013-05-31 The Most Beautiful Mare In The Room 4:04 Parody


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