Coco Pommel
Coco Pommel Happy by Jeatz-Axl
Other names Cocoa
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Coco Pommel is a supporting character and fashion designer that appears in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic season four episode Rarity Takes Manehattan as an employee (later former employee) of antagonist Suri Polomare.

Depiction in fan labor

Coco Pommel is consistently depicted as she is depicted in her debut episode: soft-spoken and timid with occasional moments of self-confidence. She is commonly compared to Fluttershy as a result.

Following Coco's appearance in the series, she has become quite popular among the fanbase, having more stories written about her than about the pony she debuted with, Suri Polomare. She is the focus of a fiction group on[1]

Due to Coco's background in fashion, a number of fan works show her as becoming Rarity's apprentice.[2] Others depict the circumstances in which she quits her job as Suri's employee.[3][4]


Again due to her background in fashion, as well as their friendship in the show, Coco is commonly shipped with Rarity.[5][6] Due to their similarities in character, Coco is also sometimes shipped with Fluttershy.[7]


Coco Pommel is a subject of a meme in which she presents something to Rarity, usually a gift.[8] In the show, Coco gives Rarity a spool of rainbow thread; artists and animators change this gift to be virtually anything else.


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