Clare Gundersen
Other names Clare
Active since September 2016
Known as Fan fiction writer
Voice actress

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Clare Gundersen is an American fan fiction author and actress. She began writing in September and has loved it so far. She became a pegasister at eleven years old. However, she began writing fan fiction at twelve and a half after she found the website from an internet search. She is currently working on her fan fiction, Claws, and is currently planning another fan fiction. Her favorite pony among the Mane Six and in general is Fluttershy, and her favorite Mane Six pet is Opalescence.


Writer(s) Clare Gundersen
Date published October 20, 2016
Type/genre Sad
Featuring Fluttershy
Story link(s)
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Claws is an incomplete fan fiction written by Clare Gundersen. The story revolves around Fluttershy adopting a young tiger cub named Lotus, all while Lotus is wanted dead by a tall, mysterious figure for an irresistible prize. Her inspiration for this fan fiction came from several movies and fan fictions. The ending has not been revealed yet due to the author wanting to keep it a surprise. She says that after she has finish this fan fiction, if it is positively received, she might turn it into an audio drama. The story so far has five chapters written and many more on the way. In March 2017, the fanfiction was announced to be put on an indefinite hiatus.

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