Chords of Chaos is a compilation album of Halloween-inspired songs by members of mylittleremix. All donations went to the charity Your Siblings

Chords of Chaos

Chords of Chaos
A1379020325 10
Compilation album
Released October 29, 2012
Length 65:21
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Nightmare Night ft. Coconeru" Megaphoric 2:36
2. "Hi, Girls..." Breadfan 2:45
3. "Faceless" CaptainFluffatun 3:39
4. "Ghostly Mash (A Pony Parody of Monster Mash)" Aoshi 2:35
5. "Smile (Life's A Party)" DJ En3au 3:57
6. "Challoween" Challa 4:36
7. "Ponyville's Catacombs" Resonant Waves 2:42
8. "Wary of the Night ft. FiveOFlutter" AdamTh3Walker 3:57
9. "Chromium" Kingsley Evergreen 5:16
10. "Slender Me ft. Rhyme Flow" Kyoga 3:47
11. "Into the Hive" Macarou 6:32
12. "NytemerNite ft. Likonan" Lt. Andrei 3:50
13. "Nightmare Night Festivities (Morning Gaze Remix)" William Anderson 4:11
14. "Inside of Me" Mouby 3:31
15. "O.RDINANCE H.AS C.EASED" Cii 1:53
16. "Footsteps on the Roof" The DNR Project 2:28
17. "Pinkie Promise (Reprise)" Seventh_Element 3:52
18. "Nightmare Night Showdown (VIP)" Sonikkureinbumu 4:17
19. "The Depths of Tartarus" Macarou 3:35
Total length: 65:21

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