Cheese Sandwich
Roll In The Cheese by masemj
Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Fan voice(s) djsmell1 (The Goof-Off: Literal Video Version, PARTY TIME song, and "Cheese It!")
Tyler Hildebrand (Love Is A Yummy S'more)
Cheese Sandwich is a party pony who first appears in Pinkie Pride as a rival to Pinkie Pie. Much of his personality and appearance is based on "Weird Al" Yankovic, his voice actor in the show.


Much like in the show, the character's personality is based on the personalities of Weird Al and Pinkie Pie. Cheese Sandwich is often depicted as excitable and fun-loving with a sense of randomness. He is usually very caring and dislikes seeing others upset.

Depiction in fan labor

Cheese Sandwich hardly ever appears in fanfiction without Pinkie Pie. Much like in the show, Cheese Sandwich is generally portrayed travelling throughout Equestria. Most fan works depict him returning to Ponyville to see Pinkie or throw another party.


Cheese Sandwich is almost always paired with Pinkie Pie due to their interactions in the show and their similar personalities. This pairing is generally called CheesePie.

The character is also occasionally shipped with Rainbow Dash,[specify] Coco Pommel,[1][2] and Maud Pie,[specify] the latter two of which were also introduced in the fourth season.


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