Canni Soda
Canni Soda is ready for the Gala by Ashidaru
Created by GalaCon
Species/kind Earth
Gender Female
More info
Eyes Moderate sap green
Mane Deep reddish brown
Coat Pale amber
Cutie mark
Copper can
Voice SerenaMidori

Canni Soda is a light-yellow Earth pony mare and the official mascot of the German My Little Pony fan convention GalaCon. She is featured mostly in promotional work for GalaCon and occasionally in non-GalaCon-related fan labor.


Canni Soda was created as a mascot for the first GalaCon in August 2012, designed by deviantART user Kiyoshiii.[1] She has since appeared in most promotional material for the convention.


Canni is typically portrayed as excitable (not unlike Pinkie Pie), friendly, and hardworking, if a little mischievous.

A notable characteristic of Canni's is the ability to do a super-powered brohoof, colloquially referred to as a "bizaam" after Canni's verbal cry that usually accompanies it. A bizaam is powerful enough to send its recipient through a solid wall.

Depiction in fan media

As previously stated, Canni Soda's most common depiction is in promotional material for the German convention GalaCon. She has been featured in at least four fan-made animations: two by JanAnimations,[2][3] one by CrikeyDave,[4] and one by Stabletec Studios.[5] In these animations, Canni's voice is provided by brony voice actress SerenaMidori.

Other fan labor

In other fan labor, Canni Soda is consistently featured in fan art on both deviantART and Derpibooru. She has a group on dedicated to her.[6]


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