Can't Be Saved is a semi-grimdark story written by Jimmy Lethal starring Vinyl Scratch

Can't Be Saved
Writer(s) Jimmy Lethal
Date published April 1, 2013
Words 1,645
Status Complete
Type/genre Sad, Dark
Featuring Vinyl Scratch
Based on The picture "Senses Fail" by Aisu-Isme.
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The story is in the first person, from the perspective of Vinyl. It alternates between past and present tense.


WARNING: Spoilers follow. 

The story begins with Vinyl explaining that people are discussing her well-being while listening to music, stating that's "all she can do anymore." She goes on to explain how she found the song, which is "Can't Be Saved" by Senses Fail.

She tells how she lost four of her five senses. First, after listening to the song on repeat while sleeping, she woke up blind. Able to now "see" the music, she eventually concludes she can live without her sight.

She proceeds to lose her other senses, first smell, then taste, and finally touch. Eventually, somepony (implied to be her coltfriend Ace Spade) calls a mental institution, who take her away from society.

The "experts" as Vinyl calls them begin to talk about her. The first, named Mind Screw, says they should let her go, while an unnamed second pony disagrees. They eventually decide to leave it up to their superior, named Brain Wash. Brain Wash says they should leave her in the institution, stating she "can't be saved."

As Vinyl harshly complains in her mind, the word "coma" from the chorus begins to repeat over and over again. Panicking, Vinyl realizes her music player has broken. The repeating word gets louder to the point of deafining Vinyl, screaming for help in her thoughts as she loses her final sense.

Vinyl wakes up in fear, confusion, and anger. It takes her a few seconds to realize she could see and taste again. A voice says her name, startling the DJ. The voice is Ace, who had claimed Vinyl was "screaming in her sleep."

Realizing the events of the story were a nightmare, Vinyl begins to cry. She explains the entire thing to Ace, and picks up a noise from the living room. When Vinyl and Ace inspect the source, they find out Vinyl had left on her music player, which was playing "Can't Be Saved".

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