CMC: The Next Generation
Cutie mark crusaders 2 0 by nstone53-d6uw3gi

Writer(s) DisneyFanatic2364
Date published June 23, 2013
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Comedy
Slice Of Life
Alternate Universe
Featuring OC
Main 6
Cutie Mark Crusaders
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CMC: The Next Generation is a sequel to the Fanfiction Daughter of Discord and is written by DisneyFanatic2364, consisting of twenty-one chapters and counting. Each chapter has its own story, making this a series of one shots connected within the same universe and time period.


The story in general is about Prism (daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin, sister of Thunder and Lightning Dash), Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry (Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's triplets), and Gemstone (daughter of Rarity and Fancy Pants, becomes a big sister in chapter fifteen) becoming the next set of Cutie Mark Crusaders and the adventures they have while growing up. There are plenty appearances of other characters from this "next gen." but the focus is on them, especially on Prism, the flightless Pegasus who came up with the idea of becoming Crusaders. In chapter thirteen, "First Crush", they add a new foal to the group: Lemon Drop, the adopted son of Lyra and Bon Bon and Raspberry's coltfriend. In chapter eighteen, "White Swan", it´s revealed that Cherry has a crush on Gemstone. In chapter twenty-one, "Whinny Land", it's hinted that Gemstone might have a crush on Prisim.


Next Gen.

So you don't have to ask

Princess Cadance+Shining Armor= Flutterby Lily (Female)

Queen Chrysalis+(unknown)= Bellatrix (Female), Mothball (Male)

Fluttershy+Discord= Screwball (Female), Zany (Male)

Ditzy Doo AKA Derpy+Time Turner= Dinky (Female)

Rainbow Dash+Soarin= Lightning Dash (Female), Thunder Dash (Male), Prism (Female) (Lightning and Thunder are twins)

Applejack+Spike= Cinnamon Stick (Male), Cinnamon Roll (Female), Applespike (Male)

Big Mac+Cheerilee= Appleblossom (Female)

Colgate/Minuette+(unknown)= Aquafresh (Female), Crest (Male)

Rarity+Fancy Pants= Gemstone (Female), Jewel (Female)

Lyra Heartstrings+Bon Bon= Lemon Drop (Male)

Pinkie Pie+Cheese Sandwich= Blueberry (Female), Cherry (Female), Raspberry (Female) (They´re triplets)

Trixie+Iron Will= Moonbeam (Female)

Twilight Sparkle+Flash Sentry= Twinkle Sparkle (Female)