"Mom, I'm ready for school!"

Button Mash: [voiceover] My name is Button Mash. I'm eight years old, and I like video games. I live in Ponyville with my mom, my dad, and my brother. I don't have a cutie mark yet,but I don't care much about that. And today is the first day of the new school year!
Button Mash: Mom! I'm ready for school!
Elaina: It's Sunday! Go back to bed!
Button Mash: Never mind!

Are you a winner?

Button Mash: Hmm... [gasps]
[fridge door closes]
Button Mash: [slurps] [sighs] Hmm?
[hopeful music notes]
Button Mash: [gasps]
[low, flat music notes]
Button Mash: [crying] Mooooooom!

Old-school gaming

[video game sounds]
Elaina: Button, I have something for you.
Button Mash: Huh? What is it?
Elaina: It's your father's old video game machine. I found it in the attic. Oh, me and him used to play this all the time when we were your age, and I think it's still works.
Button Mash: Oh, cool! Can I play on it?
Elaina: Of course you can, sweetie.
Button Mash: Yay!
Elaina: Have fun!
Button Mash: Is it... Is it broken? Mom? Hmm.
[video game sounds]
Button Mash: I don't get it.


Button Mash: Choo-choo! [imitates train sounds] Choo!
[flames crackling]
Button Mash: I... u-uh... um... A-All right.

Milkshake race!

Pony: Order up!
Button Mash: Milkshake race! One, two, three, go! [slurps] [screams and wails]

"I am... the 'Stache!"

Button Mash: Mom, have you seen my Joy Boy?
Elaina: It's in my room, sweetie. You must take better care of your things when you put them down. I nearly fell over this morning.
Button Mash: Thanks, Mom! Now I just wish I knew where my-- Whoa!
Button Mash: Found it!
Button Mash: [gasps] Hmm? Hmm... Hmm...
Elaina: Sweetie, do you want any ketchup with your...?
Button Mash: Hi, Mom.
Elaina: Take that off. That's your father's.
Button Mash: But it looks so cool!
Elaina: Button, I said...!
Button Mash: I'm not Button anymore, Mom. I am... the 'Stache!

"Oh, hey, a bit!"

Button Mash: Oww! Owww! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! [screams and wails] Oh, hey, a bit!


Elaina: Button, sweetie! Time for school!
Button Mash: Uh-huh. Give me a minute.
[video game sounds]
Elaina: Have you been up all night?
Button Mash: No, it's okay. The cat's got it with the salad.
Elaina: What?
Button Mash: I already put— I, uh— the— wh— the French toast.
Elaina: Button!
[game powers off]
Elaina: This is getting ridiculous! You stay up all night, and you...!
[video game sounds]
Elaina: Button, stop. It's gonna mess with your head.
Button Mash: But, Mom, I need to fight the coherds to save the village of Gumbai if I want any luck in defeating the alixes of Humgonia!
Elaina: No! Go to school now!
Button Mash: [speaking Humgonian] Tee ni ektum kai. (Translation: I will slay you, She-Devil.)
Elaina: [speaking Humgonian] Thry tee den, tein kaflora. (Translation: You're nothing without me.) I was young once, too, you know. Oh, and by the way... [speaking Humgonian] Thry tee blyn. (Translation: You're grounded.)
Button Mash: [speaking Humgonian] Zeykamiff! (Translation: §%#*!) Agh!

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