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BronyMike is a male Canadian musician. While he originally made PMVs, he now mostly uploads humorous vocal covers of pony songs. He also occasionally voice acts in brony fanworks. BronyMike also created the Trixie and pinecones meme.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-06-30 Cherry Bomb Mayor Mare Sherclop Pones
2014-02-08 Flim & Flam: Make it Big Flim DutyFreeProductions

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-07-04 In Celestia We Trust 1:13 Ponified version of
The Star Spangled Banner
2011-10-27 BronyMike vs. The Parasprites 2:18 Polka
2011-12-24 The Parts of a Pony 3:18
2013-08-17 We Will Buck You 1:58 Parody Parody of We Will Rock You
2013-11-13 Luna (Starry Night) 4:04

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