Never Swag Down (Remix) - Brick Flash03:21

Never Swag Down (Remix) - Brick Flash



Brick Flash is mashes up songs often from Brony artists

Brick Flash runs a YouTube and a Soundcloud and has 54 subscribers, is well known for mashups, bad voice acting work, and the creation of photoshops.

Family Life

Brick Flash was born in 2002 to a very poor middle-class Canadian family. He actually started caring about  brony music in 2012. In late 2013, he started doing mashups of low quality. First he was mashing up songs for attention, but in January 2014 after he passed 54 subscribers he decided to get Virtual DJ.

The Spaghetti Era

Up until 2013, Brick Flash remained in the squeaker phase of his life where he was loud and ubnoxious. Once he passed that, he finally met MidnightBron3 and xXSoundspeedXx and decided to make a mashup for them. The mashup was poor quality but was well recieved by the Soundspeed fandom. Brick Flash went on to produce more crappy mashups before eventually picking up Virtual DJ, finding his element, and creating Never Swag Down (Remix). Up until February 2014 Brick Flash hasn't produced anything worth writing home about, yet.

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