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Bon Bon
Bon Bon
A vector of Bon Bon
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
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Bon Bon is the fan name for a background pony from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. As of the episode Putting Your Hoof Down, she has had five brief speaking roles, each time with a different-sounding voice.


In fan labor, she is strongly tied to Lyra; artwork and fiction showing the two together and as a couple far outnumber depictions of Bon Bon on her own. There are a few exceptions; for instance, short stories by Paxtofettel describe the two as "merely" friends, and Bon Bon in a commited relationship with Caramel.

Unlike Lyra, who has several memes and - sometimes mutually contradictory - personality quirks associated with her, Bon Bon's personality in "fanon" is less clearly defined. She mostly plays the foil and "straight pony" to whatever antics authors and artists think up for Lyra. Bon Bon's various lines do not seem to greatly have influenced the majority of fan labor about her much.

Following the airing of "A Canterlot Wedding", a growing fan theory is Bon Bon being a changeling, considering her constantly changing voice and tendency to be "cloned" in large crowds.[FF 1]


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