Blue Shuffle
FANMADE Blue Shuffle Unicorn
Art by VinylUnheart
Other names Blue
Active since May 2, 2014
Known as Musician
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Blue Shuffle, the stage name originating from an OC, is a brony musician from Las Vegas, Nevada. His debut song was submitted [see here] on YouTube May 2, 2014, it was a track spanning origins of house, dance, and trance sounds. He will upload more content on YouTube in the upcoming weeks.

Former Contributions

Blue Shuffle has gone by other stage names, one of them being Reputality. Under the stage name of Reputality he mainly made dubstep tracks. Though Blue Shuffle didn't care much for the "strictly dubstep" style and moved on.


Blue Shuffle will frequently make more songs based upon dance music. Sometimes however, he will remix the works of other artists, with collaborations of many artists in the future. The genre he will be most frequently associated with, but not limited to, is house music. Blue Shuffle plans on reaching areas of electronic, progressive house, and dubstep music.


Unicorn Rush

Unicorn Rush
Creator(s) Music:
Blue Shuffle
Duration 4:04
Type/genre House/Dance/Trance
Based on Unicorns
Related to My Little Pony

"Unicorn Rush" is Blue Shuffle's debut track. The song is house, dance, and trance inspired. The song has a fast and steady beat, with a repetitive melody which gradually speeds up and gains a set of many other sounds over the coarse of the song.

The Rainbow Dash

The Rainbow Dash
Creator(s) Music:
Blue Shuffle
Duration 5:05
Type/genre Progressive House/Dance
Based on Rainbow Dash
Related to My Little Pony

"The Rainbow Dash" is Blue Shuffle's second track. The song is categorized under progressive house. It has a fast and steady beat, with a relaxing melodic sound that spans the entire mix.

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