• Pinkyjade3000

    my story

    June 22, 2018 by Pinkyjade3000


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  • Chanyhuman

    The fallowing is a colt verion of "The Spectacle"


    Count Falsetto:

    Time for the spectacle

    Time for the show

    The lights are bright and the colors glow

    I'm not just anypony

    I think you know

    The time is now, it's about to blow!

    Razzle dazzle

    Glitz and glam

    Turn it all up, it's a spectacle

    Razzle dazzle

    Glitz and glam

    Turn it all up, it's a spectacle

    Give me more

    Razzle dazzle

    Glitter eyes, big surprise

    Lights, cameras


    Razzle dazzle

    Glitz and glam

    Turn it all up, it's a spectacle

    Hear the applause

    Top the Mount

    Not just a pony, I am the Song Count!


    • A little cheesy I'll edmet, but I tried my best to come up with somthing that rhyms with count.
    • The original was writen by Amy Keating Rogers.
    • Please support the offical release.
    • Fasletto was created…

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  • Chanyhuman

    The Fallowing is a colt vertion of the ending of "The Mane Atraction.

    Script and Lyirics

    [The audience cheer.]

    Dusk Shine: “Good evening, everypony! Welcome to opening night of the Helping Hooves Music Festival! Now it is my great honor to introduce you to our headlining act – Count Falsetto!”

    [The crowd cheers with glee as the curtains rise, revealing Count Falsetto with a completely different look, along with a piano.]

    Falsetto: “This song may be familiar, but yet, it's totally different. Kind of like me, Fafa.”

    [The audience babble with confusion.]


    I'm here to show you who I am

    Throw off the veil, it's finally time

    There's more to me than glitz and glam, oh-whoa

    And now I feel my stars align

    For I had believed what I was sold

    I did all the…

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  • GraceDzine

    New MLP Apparel

    April 20, 2018 by GraceDzine

    Hey MLP fans!!! I have opened a new online apparel store called Everything MLP! Here at Everything MLP we provide exciting, good quality shirts with designs that are playful, funny and lets not forget - CUTE!

    The season premier was pretty awesome and like I say, with a new season, comes new ideas - and new ideas have we. Grace Dzine has created new t-shirt designs for this week for Everything MLP that you guys will sure to love.

    So if you are a huge fan, come visit our website at:

    For more t-shirts, visit our main website at:

    Also, new t-shirts will be coming out every week!

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  • Anonymous Brony224

    Blazing Winds

    March 27, 2018 by Anonymous Brony224

    Within the forests, Crisp Wind waits. She watches the ponies closely, she is not anything like one of them, but she had sworn an oath to protect them. Now, Crisp is a wild wolf, half dead, two-thirds angel, one third demon. One night, thanks to a wanderrer, she stays on this earth, this is that story, now let's get to it (THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT OF HASBRO)!! 

    Crisp Wind yawned, she stretched out her wings, then her body, when her whole body was streatched, she stood, her ears twitching this way and that. She thought she herd voices,  but she calmed when she rembered where she was, her hiding place, not even Celestia knew of it. Crisp walked down to the lake that ran through the valley, and looked into it. Her coat was a reddish white with a b…

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  • Birdy18

    Awesom RPG for MLP

    March 7, 2018 by Birdy18

    I thought about the Mane Seven and I thought of what their roles could be if they were in a RPG game, here's what I thought of:

    Princess Twilight Sparkle: Super Tank/Defensive-Supportaive Mage

    Applejack: Phyiscal Tank

    Fluttershy: Cleric with high Criticals

    Pinkie Pie: Troublemaker Speed Demon

    Rarity: Jack-Of-All-Trades/Magic Tank

    Rainbow Dash: Hit-And-Run Master

    Starlight Glimmer: Chaotic Magician/Semi-Magic Tank

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  • Chanyhuman

    Brad Seed

    January 31, 2018 by Chanyhuman

    This is the genderbent version of Babs Seed.


    Apple Buck, Silver Belle, and Scooteroll:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! 

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Apple Buck:

    First, we thought that Brad was so really, really sweet. 

    A new friend to have, and it seemed like such a treat. 


    But then, we found the truth; he’s just a bully from the east. 

    He went from Brad, yeah, to a bully and a beast. 

    Apple Buck:

    Everywhere we turn, he’s just a step ahead.

    Apple Buck, Silver Belle, and Scooteroll:

    Brad Seed, Brad Seed, what we gonna do? 

    Got a bully on our tail. 

    Gotta hide, we gotta bail. 

    Brad Seed, Brad Seed, if he’s after you.

    Gotta run, we gotta flee.

    Gotta hurry, don't you see? 

    Brad Seed, Brad Seed, he’s just a bad, bad seed. 

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!


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  • Sunsetblazeten

    It would be a pleasure if anyone would take a look 

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  • Danparker

    Hey, Its taken me a long time, but I'm ready to open casting for my own 200 episode series of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

    Like I've said, the casting is open. Read for info.

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  • Dawn Darkness

    This is an ongoing story, which takes place in pre-series, then in the middle of it. While it is with ponies, it focuses more on dragons from an parralled Earth, where a war between humans and dragons took place before the true story. The plot of it, will not spoil yet, will be a dark one, with more action in it than any other stories. 

    The protagonist of the story is an last surviving dragon from the parralled Earth, that are transported to Equestria by his then-dead parents, being taken cared by the residents of Equestria's royal palace in Canterlot, though in secret at first.

    I think that's all I'll reveal at the moment. I hope you all will try and check it out. You'll find more description on the plot by reading the story on Fanfiction.n…

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  • TheGreyNinja13

    Erm.... Yesterday I made a page on Darkhope Destruction, and now it's gone, does anyone know why?

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  • Dawn Darkness

    As said in the title, I'm making a MLP crossover with another popular franchise, Star Wars. There, you will be expecting many fight scenes, along with lightsaber duels as a bonus in it. The main protagonist of the story will be my own character, Sky Light (adoptive son of Princess Celestia, in my series, thus a prince). He has some similarities with Anakin Skywalker, though except, his eyes are green instead of blue. He has an inner conflict within him with his aggressive emotions: anger, hatred, rage, etc. The last chapter of the story, close to the second half of it, the rating will change to mature - as there'll be a lot of people that dies in it. Also, I'll have some sort of point of view at "Order 66" in the third prequel film of my v…

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  • TheodoreRowy

    Lauren Faust

    February 17, 2017 by TheodoreRowy

    Lauren Faust

    by Sophie Jones

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  • Marcythecatqueen


    December 9, 2016 by Marcythecatqueen

    I love MLP, and I think fanfics for MLP are great! I love watching ponies fighting it out, or getting imprisoned, or doing something sweet, or being romantic. IDK XD.I just love MLP.

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  • Amazingcocoguy923


    September 8, 2016 by Amazingcocoguy923

    Hello, everypony! My name is Amazingcocoguy923 aka JustinPony923 and I am really excited to be meeting up with people on this wikia. I've joined several other wikias about MLP, and yeah! I can't wait to find out more about this amazing community! :)

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  • QueenCupcake025


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  • InterGalaxtic03


    August 12, 2016 by InterGalaxtic03

    Hello, I am InterGalaxtic03 but you can call me Inter, I am neferious trickster and I ship Lyra and Bon Bon more than Octavia and Vinyl Scratch   because Lyra Heartstrings is my favourite background pony! My favourite fanfic is Anthropolgy because it stars Lyra! My second favourite ship is Sunset Sparkle hence my avatar. My favourite pony in show cannon is porbably Scootaloo but Lyra isn't very far behind! My favourite fan project is probably Lullaby For A Princess or Turnabout Storm 

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  • RosestarOakclan


    May 30, 2016 by RosestarOakclan

    Hi everypony! I am Rose and i am new to the community! Can someone please show me a way i can help the wiki run better?

    Comment below if you want wiki help!

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  • Rosezuma

    Please can

    April 1, 2016 by Rosezuma

    Please can this 

    be my icon or this


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  • ZanyDragon

    Whom do you imagine providing the voices for the gender-swapped characters? ZanyDragon (talk) 17:59, March 20, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Voclaloid pony 3


    March 2, 2016 by Voclaloid pony 3

    some pony's don't think that their is magic .I think that even when we are in the human world their is magic but it is hidden. The president or king of any county is just hiden the magic so no one is more powerful then them.(just so you know for the pony's that like to hate this is just a theory OK.)

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  • TheMareBrony

    This audio play short will have it's own twist on the classic fairytale Cinderella, it will star one oc and one character from Dr Who as a pony. In this story the Master will be playing as a non-time lord character called Stop Watch, and Mare will be taking the role of Cinderella, who is instead called Marella. Mare is currently playing another role called Dr.Marehorror, a character that is based of a villain from the "Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog." She is the main villain and character in her own animated musical series. 

    The previous concept that you have read before, has now changed to a more original storyline and it has yet to be revealed. Unfortunatly there cannot be anything given away at this time, except for if you read the inform…

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  • TheMareBrony

    "Dr.Marehorror's sing-along blog" is an animated series in progress by theMareBrony, which mainly features covers of different songs from the actual musical movie called, "Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog." This parody series stars Dr.Marehorror, a blue unicorn mare who is a genderbent version of the humanoid Dr.Horrible and they both wear the same villainous uniforms because they are almost the same character. Dr.Horrible is played by Neil Patrick Harris, who plays many other roles. Dr.Marehorror was once sung by Victoria Swilly the in the "My Freeze Ray" song, where Dr.Marehorror sings about her feelings for a time lord known as the "the Master." He is the nemesis of the "the Doctor " who is always putting terror on Equestria, and he has tw…

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  • Misscellanio


    Alright so first of all, spoilers. Secondly, I have a few qustions about the whole thing. I know this story is kind of old; nevertheless, I just finished reading the whole story by AuroraDawn. These questions will be asked about the both stories and not just for Rainbow Factory for those who didn't read Pegasus Device. First I will place all my questions below and then my interpretations. If anypony does not have exact answers, that I may have glossed over or that you all heard from the author, then I will be grateful to read your interpretations as well. Alright, here we go:

    1. So how did Scootaloo/Absentia get down there and chained up in the first place? Who put her there and why?

    2. In chapter 3 of Pegasus Device, Gentle …

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  • 763492

    Hello, Bronies and Pagasisters out there in the MLP wikia world! This my MLP fanfic on my blog that hope you'll enjoy this. It's a parody of a classic nursery rhyme "5 Little Monkeys", but with a pony twist. Enjoy.

    6 Little Ponies Jumping on a Bed

    by me


    Mane 6

    Princess Celestia

    Doctor Hooves

    6 little ponies jumping on a bed, Twlight Sparkle fell off and bumped her head. Princess Celestia called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more ponies jumping on a bed."

    5 little ponies jumping on a bed, Rainbow Dash fell off and bumped her head. Princess Celestia called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more ponies jumping on a bed."

    4 little ponies jumping on a bed, Pinkie Pie fell off and bumped her head. Princess Celestia called the doctor an…

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  • 763492

    Hi-yah, Fillies and Gentlecolts!

    It's November which means Thanksgiving is coming.

    So I was just wondering, if for those of you who are good artists, can you please draw your Thanksgiving related fan pictures of your favorite MLP characters and your MLP OCs alike (ponies and/or non-ponies) on what are they thankful for, and then post them on your comment box on my blog, like greeting cards? Make them funny, but please note that make your fan pictures G and/or PG-rated, meaning no innapropraite pictures, and as well as bad words, please. Because it's a holiday greetings-thing, y'know. Just a friendly warning.

    So thank you and have happy upcoming Thanksgiving.

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  • 763492

    Hello, Bronies and Pagasisters out there in the MLP wikia world! Since I still wish Universal and Hasbro will someday be able to  team up as partnership to bring MLP characters to one of Universal parks in the future, I made this fanon wiki-style page that I hope you will be interested to look at on my blog. Enjoy and leave the comments of your thoughts.


    My Little Pony Land is a family-friendly themed land located at Universal Studios Florida. It is based on Hasbro’s My Little Pony toyline franchise and a children’s animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


    Guest of all ages, can enter inside the replica world of Equestria, the town of Ponyville and the Everfree Forest, which contains rides and attractions that’re all in…

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  • Gojira93


    September 11, 2015 by Gojira93
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  • Thundermare


    September 5, 2015 by Thundermare

    Just liked to tell everyone, that I will gladly help to improve this wiki.

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  • TheMareBrony

    The Maniac is a time lord from Gallifrey who was previously known as the Doctor, he has been saving planets and lives until one day as a pegasus pony he was captured by the Master and he is now his slave. It is possible for him to have an evil side in the future. In an old audio play called Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel he was welcomed by Lyra and Bon Bon into their home for a temporary visit so that he can take Lyra away with Bon Bon being left unsatisfied at times. Bon Bon is mentioned a couple of times when the fifth episode was cancelled, she was mentioned in a fanmade parody called "Lyra Knows Best" which was a cover of Tangled's repise from Disney called "Rapunzel Knows Best." The Master makes an apperance in the song howe…

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  • TheMareBrony


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  • Myra Irfan

    i would say Sparity. Which one do you thnk is.

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  • 629728

    Hi,Friends i was saying the release date of Journey through the Rainbow Factory is on 20 July 2015. Any Questions?

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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    Adam: Hello, famous fans! It's your very famous guy, Adam Williams from The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb! Joining me is the amazing two best friends and brother & sister figures, Twilight & Spike Sparkle!

    Twilight: (Blushing) Thanks, Adam, but you didn't really have to say that.

    Spike: Yeah. I mean, you're the best Adam, but Twilight's kinda right.

    Adam: Well, I just want to be handsome for the "ladies". Anywho, i'm sure you guys know Cutie Mark Crusader Craver who created the blogs. Well, it's Bt3082 now. We asked him to create our own ask questions blog. Well, he said yes!

    Spike: So feel free to ask any questions you like.

    Twilight: It can be anything you like.

    Adam: For example, entertainment, our hobbies and even love interests. Because …

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  • TheMareBrony


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  • Alpha Ranger

    These are just a bunch of fanon episodes. A lot of these are not mine. Some are. I will gives credit to people. These may be a mixture of genres. (Horror, Comedy, Romance, etc.). These are just IDEAS. They might get written into episodes. (IF anyone on the wiki want's to help make these into episodes.)

    Season Episodes Originally aired Network
    First aired Last aired
    1 26 TBA TBA Cartoon Network
    2 26 TBA TBA Cartoon Network
    3 24 TBA TBA Cartoon Network

    The new elements of Harmony called the elements of Destiny are...

    Pinkie Pie = Laughter = Blue

    Twilight = Magic = Purple

    Rainbow = Loyalty = Rainbow

    Applejack = Honesty = Orange

    Rarity = Generousity = White

    Fluttershy = Kindness = Pink

    Clover = Fortune = Green

    No. in


    No. in


    Title Written and stor…

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  • Alpha Ranger

    This has info about Equestria Stories and the episodes list.

    Equestria Stories, is a fanon MLP series made by Alpha Ranger.

    This series is a comedy and will not have a major plotline.

    But it will have seasons.

    The series will air with it's first season on May 7, 2015.

    Season Episodes Originally aired Network
    First aired Last aired
    1 TBA May 7, 2015 TBA Comedy Central
    No. in
    series No. in
    season Title Written by Original air date Rating (out of 10) Directed By
    1 1 Moving to Pizza Hut Alpha Ranger May 7, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    2 2 Love Potion Alpha Ranger May 9, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    3 3 The Mystery Alpha Ranger    May 10, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger
    4 4 Peanut Butter Sandwich Alpha Ranger    May 11, 2015 TBA Alpha Ranger

    Moving to Pizza Hut: Main 2 Characters: A…

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  • Alpha Ranger


    May 5, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    Hello, I am Alpha Ranger. People call me Alpha.

    I am (obvsiously) a brony. I will be making fan series. Mostly for comedy.

    A lot of them will just be random stories. But the random stories will create a series. The series is called Random Stories :D not really the actual name is, Equestria Stories.

    The series won't have a major story for the series. It will just be a bunch of comedy stories.

    My next blog will be all about Equestria Stories and it's episodes.

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  • Spyro1996

    Pony/human comparison

    March 31, 2015 by Spyro1996
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  • Brony77719

    My MLP(FIM) art

    March 11, 2015 by Brony77719

    This is one of my Drawings of Derpy Hooves by me. I drew it, colored it and signed it. But I couldn't havd done it alone I got inspiration from another artist. The one on the bottom left was my inspiration and NOT mine the one on the top right is mine and drew it and colored it.Brony77719 (talk) 22:52, March 11, 2015 (UTC)Brony77719

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  • 763492

    What would you think if Hasbro will also eventually think of launching their official fan short film contest which MLP fans of all ages worldwide would be encouraged to created or sent their short films (both old and new) based on My Little Pony franchise and as well the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the contest for their chance to win their prizes?

    The reason I asked this is because I researched on Wikipedia that there was a fan short film competition which is themed to SpongeBob SquarePants launched by Nickelodeon (owned by Viacom) 2 years ago which encouraged fans to make their fan-made SpongeBob shorts for the contest (here's a link about it just in case that you want to find out for yourself:…

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  • Megan DeWolfe

    Ask Pinkamena

    February 22, 2015 by Megan DeWolfe

    Ask Pinkamena questions.

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  • Techno chrome


    February 14, 2015 by Techno chrome

    in the rainbow factory........ where your fears and horrors come true....

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  • Mylittleponyfairies
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  • Scarwicpony

    Hello everyone....

    January 2, 2015 by Scarwicpony

    Hi everyone! I'm scarwicpony and I'm new to wikia.

    I love mlp and fan made flicks like my little portal, fall of the crystal empire, snowdrop, and DONUT STEEL!!! My favorite character would have to be DJ PON3 or Octavia since I love music.

    I'd love to help out on the forums and make new friends! See you there!

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  • Buritosandtacosnomnom

    So... My sis and i were being random this one time and she wrote a fan fiction and asked me to show it on the wikia. It's called "Alice pony sacrifice"... It has the info at the beginning then 4 chapters of all the so called "Alices". Here is the fan fiction (Sorry if it seems violent)

    Some ponies are normal,some can become special, but these ponies are the most special ponies to live.

    The first alice to ever live was an earth. She took walks in the forest, cutting down trees as they got in her way. Some ponies and colts were even.... yeah, don't even mention it. She one day had a trail of red (DONT MENTION THAT EITHER) following her, a colt found her by the trail, so he locked her up in a cage for being bad. He put the cage up in the part o…

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  • Lunas Knight

    Legend of the 8 Chosen
    Chapter 1: Flaming Hearts Return

    It was a cold and rainy evening in Ponyville. Just a few Ponys were still outside to get their things done.
    Some of them saw a cloaked Pony in the distance, which headed towards Ponyville. It was Flaming Heart.
    Finally, he thought, after all this time I'm finally back. He smiled. Now I only got to find someone who takes
    me for the night. He decided to go to the Farm of the Apple Family. As he was there he knocked on the door
    3 times and waited. A Pony with a blonde Mane and a Hat opened the door. It was Applejack. ,,Hi, what can I
    do for you, Stranger?
    , she asked. ,,I have traveled a lot and I'm looking for a shelter for the night, because I don't
    want to sleep outside. ,,How do I know that I can…

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  • Lunas Knight

    Hey Guys

    Just wanted to say that I'll publish the first chapter of my fanfiction next week so that you can read it then.

    Stay tuned :)

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  • Punkkitten7x2

    Meet Pk's ponies

    December 12, 2014 by Punkkitten7x2

    My name is Kerrie Hannah, I'm a furry, pony and human(anime if you like) artist better known as Punkkitten7x2.

    I run a ask pony blog on Tumblr based off me and 5 of my real life friends, in this blog all the OCs live in a big house together, our pony OCs are:

    PK is a pegusus pony with no cutie mark, she is 24 and seems to be the main character people ask. She drinks, smokes and pretty much does anything bad for her. She's a bad influance on everypony she comes across. 

    Lisa is a pony dragon that can not fly, she is shy, quite and gets pushed in to doing things she wouldn't normally do by PK and sometimes a few of the others. She likes to knit and hangout with her friends, her best friend is PK who s…

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  • Lunas Knight

    Legend of the 8 Chosen

    December 1, 2014 by Lunas Knight

    Hey Guys,

    this blog is about my new and first fanfiction I'm actually writing.

    I will pubish it next year (or this year maybe) and I just wanted to say a few things about the story.

    So... It will be called Legend of the 8 Chosen.

    All I can tell ya now about the Legend is the beginning (story next year XD) so let's get started:

    We all know the brave ponys which own the elements of Harmony: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apllejack and Pinkie Pie. Always six of them... Always? No it wasn't always like this. Deep in the forbidden Library of Equestria where only Celestia is allowed to go is a knowledge hidden that would shock everypony of Equestria... In the old manuscript of the eight is a Truth which noone knows... noone except…

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