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Berry Punch
Berry Punch - BG pony by solusjbj
A vector of Berry Punch, based on her appearance in Call of the Cutie
Other names Overly Protective Parent Pony, Berryshine, Pinot Noir
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Alina "Alioopster27" Alberto (Drinking Telegram and A Day at the Dentist)
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Berry Punch is the fan name for a background pony frequently seen in Ponyville. Two of her scenes in the first season caught particular attention: in Bridle Gossip, she pulls a seemingly careless filly into a house to hide her from Zecora, and in Call of the Cutie, she furtively sips from a punch bowl after making sure no one is watching her. The first scene garnered her the descriptive moniker "Overly Protective Parent Pony", which some fan art is still tagged as, and the second gave her a "fanon" reputation as Ponyville's town drunk. This latter interpretation is featured in a decent amount of the fan art that depicts her, and has been approvingly acknowledged by the storyboard artist who boarded the scene.[1]

Berry Punch is occasionally paired up with Colgate, either romantically or as friends. Like many such fanon pairings, this stems from a shot in the show which briefly shows them standing close together; in this case the shot is from the episode Winter Wrap Up.

Because of her association with alcoholism, she has inspired the MLP Synchtube-style drinking game site, Berrytube.

She is part of an ask tumblr that features her as the younger sister of Cheerilee, and being married to Colgate.


Drunkenly Fierce by BambooDog

Berry Punch image gallery

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